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Fresh Balls

November 14, 2009


A real product. With a proper website. I think this guy found a corner in the market. ūüôā

Check out his introvid on the site.



Social media brand sites

March 11, 2009



Modernista did it a year ago, Skittles just done it! Done what? Made their brand sites out of other sites which already has the content. And Freddie at AdAge makes some fairly goods points. Its all sweet.

Some little bird once told me that internet users were tired of user generated content and that this years trend would be sites with professionally written content, that bird was obviously high.

Yes I know my browser has grown a bit top heavy…



New JWT London website

December 23, 2008

JWT new website

After a while, JWT London finally released their brand new website. It’s super-animated (flash), white, clean and minimalist…

I spend about 10 minutes around the website (actually more than this), interacting, clicking on absolutely everything, doing my personal and picky QA. The first thing I’ve noticed is the nonexistence of an accessible version (or even an accessible message insisting that you should install the flash player). Basically, if you don’t have flash installed, or an active JavaScript, all you can see is a copyrighted white window… hummm…

There is also a customisable feature on the top right corner of the page, where you can choose between eight very-very-very cute “London related” icons:


The thing is: as soon as I change the icon, I can’t change it back. Maybe it’s supposed to behave this way, but I think it’s a bug…

Content wise, the website is perfect. They’ve chosen five of their best campaigns (including the very good “point of view” HSBC campaign that remembers me Heathrow Airport, and the “epic” Smirnoff campaign)¬† that are more than enough to see and understand the agency capabilities. If you have nothing else to do and want to spend the day watching all the agency’s work, just go to the showreel and… Have fun ūüėČ

Access the website:

The “epic” Smirnoff video:

Data fed widget

November 5, 2008

widgetAre you bored with all this fuss about the American elections? Can’t you hear Obama’s name anymore?

That’s something you can use to “rest your mind”: a beautiful data fed widget! You’ll love it (although the background futuristic voice is pretty annoying!).


September 29, 2008

From McCANN ERICKSON Japan the nicest popup book site I’ve ever seen… If there were any popup book sites!
Beautiful concept and¬†marvelous¬†execution. That’s how 3d should be used online.

New Porsche Site

August 18, 2008

The company I’m working for at the moment ( here in Germany just recently launched the new Porsche website. It’s not a completely new site but more of a facelift, with extras. The site has coprporate designs style but also very clean, and I really like the interface of the main menu. You can actually browse all the models and find the car you like without clicking once. I also reccomend you check out the ‘build your own porsche’ section in 3D. Very nice but you need Shockwave installed.


Your German correspondent, feeding London stuff from across the pond.


Smart Car, Genius Website

July 22, 2008

Agency Republic has made the best car website in the history of car websites. The Smart Car website is truly a smart site, is it simple, informative, beautiful and so good it is viral. It achieves all this through an interactive, narrated, flash video experience. The narration and the scenes also makes it an incredibly British site, I have never felt so much like I am in England, while visiting a website before (if you keep the site open without interacting with it the narrator will ask for tea). Genius

Yours in awe of Agency Republic

Football Your Way

June 6, 2008

Football Your Way is a site I designed here at DLKW. The site lets football supporters rant about different issues concerning the ‘beautiful’ game and get voucher for discount burgers at Burger King.
Would you design a site promoting fast food using sports?