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100 kilo website

January 18, 2009

We had a couple of days to spare in the office after new years so we decided to do something a bit different during those days. I have wanted to literally build a website for a while so this seemed like the perfect occasion to have a bit of fun and get down with some DIY. So we got a little money at our disposal, made some sketches and started going about getting hold of all the needed material. We bought a lot of plywood some 40 meters of wooden beams, a birds house for the home icon, a folder for the portfolio icon, spray cans, paint, wallpaper and a lots of other stuff, the video tells the rest of the story.

The music in the video is made by tsjekkoslovakia a band by some of my colleagues.

The footage was shot by the one and only, Karina Lavik

The company is M&L.

Check the live site:


Here are some pictures from the construction:






July 9, 2008 is a website that allows you to create “mixed tapes”, uploading up to 12 of your favorite mp3 files.

This mixed tape concept remembers me Rob Gordon (High Fidelity), who used to record personalized tapes to his girlfriends (and potential dates).

It’s amazing how fast technology is moving. Eight years ago we were recording mixed tapes, now we are seeing CDs being replaced by iPods…