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Why Ukraine was the best

May 18, 2009

Is anyone else disappointed that Ukraine didn’t get enough attention in this years Eurovision? I just can’t believe how this song didn’t win. This performance had everything you have come to expect from a Eurovision entry over the years. Here is a list of why Ukraine was the best act this year:

Ridiculous lyrics– Be my Valentine… You are sexy bum,
anti crisis bum… I’m your Anti crisis girl…

Singing in English

Unnecessary props

Basically an Erotica Performance

Roman Legions Dancers!!!


The singer at one point actually sat down to play the drums

Sh*tloads of fireworks

What did Norway have? A fiddle and a fairytale.

Toshiba ‘Timesculpture’ Advert

November 13, 2008

It took 4,7 million dollars, 200 gigashot cameras, a 14 meter camera rig, 20 terabytes of data and the Bullet Time technique from the Matrix to make this ad. And it is pretty good to!

Yours, rocking the suburbs

Barclaycard Waterslide

November 6, 2008

Few weeks ago we (from LADG) were in a pub, talking to one of these tv production guys. He was explaining how hard his life as a tv producer is, as he had to go all the way to New Zealand to shoot a tv commercial.

I wondered why New Zealand instead of Brazil (much closer to the UK – just a 12 hour flight haha – and cheaper than New Zealand). Brazil has a great potential as a filming location, considering that you can find almost all possible natural landscapes (mountains, rain forest, beach, desert, fields, etc) and urban landscapes in there. But the language is definitely a barrier.

What a nice surprise when I saw yesterday night on tv the new BarclayCard advert, from BBH London, which was totally shoot in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo).

Go Brasil, Go!

Peace Channel

September 17, 2008

The Peace Channel is an initiative by a Norwegian human rights organisation called Point of Peace and Ten Alps a UK media company which is short for Sir Bob Geldof. This site is what is called a internet TV channel which means that they produce video content for online viewing, you can also upload your own videos and images.

The site was designed by Ten Alps, I think they did a good job, especially when thinking about other sites they have designed like the Kent TV site.

Yours, feeling rather peacefull