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Radiohead, House of Cards

July 16, 2008

Earlier I wrote about Papervison and discussed real time rendered 3D within flash. We seemed to agree that most of it looked pretty Plastation2. And then Radiohead obviously read this and thought “lets do a off the wall, all digital, 3D from Geometric Informatics, 64-element, 360-degree LIDAR music video using 64 lasers rotating and shooting in a 360 degree radius 900 times per minute to capture the scenes. Then make it interactive as well. That will shut them up.” It did.

Check out the inteactive vidoe at linky

James Houston

June 24, 2008

I went to the D&AD Newblood looking at digital designers. I was’nt impressed. It seems that in graphic design and illustration they have been learning a lot and there is some great talent out there. However it seems the digital courses are struggelig a bit in finding good tutors since there aren’t that many washed up digital designers. The result is that the young digital dersigners have more to learn when joining an agency.

But this entry in to the Radiohead competition by James Houston is a real gem. James Houston makes videos and I am certain his video of old computer harware preforming Radioheads ‘Nude’ will get him a pretty sweet job somwhere if that is what he wants.

Yours, in awe