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Experiment Eight

May 27, 2010

58 works of art created by 36 artists from around the globe make up this exceptional showcase.

Photoshop CS 4real

November 12, 2008


Brand: software reseller
Advertising Agency : Bates141, Jakarta, Indonesia
Creative director : Hendra lesmono
Art Directors : Andreas Junus, Irawandhani Kamarga
Copywriter : Darrick Subrata
Photographer : Anton Ismael

Well cool!!

Have fun!! 😉

“Speak Russian in minutes!”

August 11, 2008

Ricardo Salamanca does some pretty cool illustration as pictured above reading “Speak Russian in minutes”. He also creates amazing moods in photoshop, you will see what i mean if you go to his Salamagica site. On some of the photoshop compositions he also shows you what assets he has been working with and you can clearly see that it is a long way from the assets to the finished comp.

I also enjoy the detail in the background of this composition, as you can see on his site this room is pretty empty before he puts it in photoshop.

Yours, happy on a Monday morning