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Global warning from Ogilvy NY

October 2, 2008

Nice piece of guerrilla ad on global warming from Ogilvy NY.

Ogilvy’s latest for Ford

September 23, 2008

Noah Harris’ latest video for ford with Ogilvy and BlinkInk, Brand republic has a full article here, basically it says that it is targeted at women and aiming to establish itself as a style icon, maybe they should have thought about that when they designed the car as-well? I mean the new Fiat 500 is a potential style icon, the new Ford Fiesta is in my eyes pretty bland, and the micro-site is shocking, nice TV ad non the less.

Mr Grumpy

September 11, 2008

Nice site with some good and bad design guidlines, interesting case studies and some nice inspiration!

I Especially enjoyed the Hacking Ikea (the Ikea sex toy) and Ogilvy Oracle posts 🙂

Or as Tommaso Minnetti puts it:

“…it’s basically a space to collect all the stupid soundbites that designers say either about themselves or design. It’s something we’re all guilty of at one time or another (normally when we’re drunk, but apparently some people actually take themselves seriously) so this site is just to remind us that we are human at the end of the day.”