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Shoes on the loose

May 21, 2010

Get some hummel in your face ūüėÄ

Made for the website

Alta Bikes (now we can finally look like Shoreditch Twats over here too)

April 22, 2010

After moving to Norway I have been desperately trying to hold on to an ever fading image of some sort of east London hipster.
I’ve got my Raybans, a retro haircut, a suit jacket, blue jeans, white trainers and I have the story that used to live in Brick Lane (semi lie I lived at commercial road) , now in order to hold on to my image all I need is a fixed wheel bike!

That I will get here:

Also read the definition of a Shoreditch Twat at Urban Dictionary

thanks to @edvard_b for potentially saving my cool (he found the Alta Bikes site).


February 11, 2010

New website by us at Melv√¶r&Lien Id√©-entrepren√łr!

Please have a look at

Beautiful Photographers Portfolio, By Mixmaster

February 25, 2009


A very nice and simple site for photographer Dag Knudsen. Made by technical gurus MixMaster and design by my buddy,  mentor and Bruce Willis lookalike  from Uni Karl Johan Palm. I am looking forward to working together with the MixMaster Guys over the next couple of weeks, and dip in to their vast knowledge on Adobe Air, Flex, AS3, Papervision and other exciting technologies!

Writing blog posts so you dont have to

Hands on competition

January 27, 2009


This ia quite good. VW Norway are havning a competition where the participants can win a new Golf. All you have to do is to keep your slighltly moving mouse hand over the car the longest, you get a 5 mnute break every hour. They had to have a knock out round before christmas and now the final is here. As I write there is 12 players left of the 175 players who got through and it has been going for 3 days.




Work in Norway

June 30, 2008

Meeting room, originally uploaded by amelvaer.

Top Norwegian advertising agency M&L are looking for people. Interactive designers are top of the whish-list along side artdirectors. M&L are based in Stavanger in the south west of Norway.

Stavanger is a truly beautifull city with a bustling nightlife and a rich cultural scene. It is also located among some of Norways most spectacular nature.

The Norwewgian kroner is very strong at the moment and in general as a junior designer your looking at a starting salary around 30K a year. Norway is not part of the EU but is part of the EEA meaning that European passport holders does not requier a visa to work there.

If you are interested in working at M&L please email me with folio and CV at