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Helvetica Is Wank!

August 12, 2008

I was looking at the wonderful work of Kerry Roper, who does stuff on canvas (art) combining photography, illustration and type. He also does work for the fashion industry and has made some t-shirts for top shop, which I am quite tempted to go and buy. How ever I came across this (above) and then realized that not everyone (like me) likes Helvetica. I had always thought that Helvetica was quite agreeable, but it turns out that the fact that everyone from Orange to the dodgy whole sale retailer across the street use this font makes it, to some people, ‘wank’.

I then discovered that Neville Brody, one of my heroes, said in a BBC interview : “When people choose Helvetica they want to fit in and look normal. They use Helvetica because they want to be a member of the efficiency club. They want to be a member of modernism. They want to be a member of no personality. It also says bland, unadventurous, unambitious.” And I can understand that, I do a lot of work for the finance industry, and I use it all the time. Helvetica is safe, it might be a bit unadventurous, but it is also a nice clean typeface.

Yours, purposefully leaving Gill Sans out of this