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July 9, 2008

Papervision are holding a contest. 1st prize is CS3 ‘Masters Collection’ which i suppose you could ebay for a decent amount of money (yes, Papervision is supported by Adobe). I am looking forward to seeing work submitted to that contest, event though I have to some extent agree with my friend ED who says that currently Papervison websites suffer from what he calls playstation2 graphics, but they are damn fun to play with!

So where is real time rendered 3D in flash heading? The beta flash player 10 supports 3D, unlike the current one. Flex can write 3D code and if its not to much to ask there will be a plug-in for flash allowing you to this as-well. But unlike Papervison you wont be able to control a ‘camera’ you will have to create a 3D world and move that around to simulate the effect of a camera. One thing is for sure 3D in flash is here to stay, maybe right now it is novelty, but I am sure it will prove itself as use-full.

Im sure this guy is awesome, but I do not understand why this is on FWA, but in my opinion it is an fine example of crap papervison design:

Not to say that pre rendered 3d is much better (I admit i gave up after two really boring challenges and some atrocious 3D). ‘Leaps ahead’ i think not.

Good Examples , (I hold no grudges, even though MCBD by witchcraft and I’m sure cheating beat Tiago and myself at the red box fussball tournament, in a saint like act i publish their link) and

DLKW looses out to Springer and MCBD

June 5, 2008

MagnusDLKW was yesterday knocked out of the quarter final in RedBox’ yearly
table football tournament. Tiago and myself have yet to recover from the
blow and are still in a state of disbelief. The quarter final was a thriller and we lost on golden goal after the referee failed to award us with four goals that due to Tiagos lightning fast shot bounced back out of the goals after hitting the back of the net. MCBD who beat us in the quarter final went on to beat Google in the semis only to be thrashed 10-1 by Springer in the final.

Yours, in tears