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July 14, 2009

A portfolio of a friend of a friend…


Bitter sweet inspiration

August 7, 2008

I’ve coined the term ‘bitter sweet inspiration’ based on a not in any possible way familiar scenario in my current position:

You come back to work after a day off, the account team has cancelled the flash animated landing page you talked about two days ago, and sold the client a page with a massive logo and all their products crammed in to it. You go to the kitchen only to discover that someone has left just enough for a quarter of a cup in the coffee pot and there is no way of getting out of making a new one. When you open your email there is a ‘URGENT’ gif amends job request which has to be done ‘ASAP’, you think “I’ve heard that before” and then the guy nest to you show you this:

Then you feel it, the bitter sweet inspiration, the feeling that after work today I am going to start all those amazing projects I thought about on the tube, or finished that never ending project.

Oh by the way, he also has a blog:

Yours, loving Alberto Cerriteno(‘s work)

Inspiration is never enough – new surfstation

August 2, 2008

The mighty, priceless web inspiration source from the beginning of the web has a new face…

Art foundation courses

June 12, 2008

Shadows are sooooo inspiring!Who remembers their Art Foundation course (if you did one)? What did you make on it? I made a clear plastic mould of a brain, filled it with pulsing fairy lights, filmed it and put it to a DJ Shadow track. I cut an old skateboard deck into 4 pieces and painted them gold. I wrapped string around my entire desk. It was brilliant. That year of experimentation taught me that creative inspiration can come from anywhere. I remember stopping one night to carefully examine the shapes that were being formed by shadows on my road (not pictured). For ages. It’s easy to forget to look at your surroundings for inspiration. I feel like I want to do another Foundation course for a creative re-boot or something. But you can’t stay an university your whole life sadly.