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Creativity from Germany

July 16, 2008

A colleague of mine in my new office here in germany showed me this site. I was looking at some illustration sites and he said “oh I have a friend that does some cool illustrations…” and he introduced me to Klonek. I really like his illustrations. Quite retro, and a contrast to all the superdetailed-high-tech-pointy-industrial-collage illsutrations you see so much these days. It might not be to everyones taste but I think he has something. Check out his weird webpage here.

Oh, also on the subject of illustration. I want to share a link to some illustrators Ricardo showed me a while a go, I know it hasn’t been on the blog so it deserves an entry. Check out mulheresbarbadas.

Your German correspondent Magnus

Mediumphobic Portfolio

June 5, 2008

Some interesting Work from Nicholas Di Genova.

Have fun 😉