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Experiment Eight

May 27, 2010

58 works of art created by 36 artists from around the globe make up this exceptional showcase.


January 12, 2009


Magnivate is an interactive boutique agency based in Jakarta. Check out their website which comes in the form of an interactive world with some cute illustrations, maybe a bit cliche, but very nicely done. It makes me wonder if sites like these are only viewed by people like me and not by potential clients? Would they bother?  Linky


Art from another universe

September 12, 2008

I think everyone who works in a creative environment, over time, becomes somewhat jaded… its only natural. Familarity breeds contempt as they say and so much of what we see creatively is based on an idea or a concept that is already familiar to us.

It takes a lot to shake us out of our malaise and be truly inspired by (or even jealous of) someones particular talent. Thats what seeing the art of Alberto Seveso has done for me and some of my colleagues.

Like something from another world or universe even, Seveso blends photoshop and illustrator elements seamlessy into a strange mix of other-wordly, stylistically challenging imagery which begs closer inspection due to the intricacy and depth achieved in each piece.

And even on closer inspection, I find it almost impossible to see where photographic elements blend into illustrator elements but I find the pieces utterly fascinating… as I’m sure most people do. You can only imagine the amount of man hours required to achieve this level of work but for me, however long they take is time well spent… as is the length of time you take pouring over them – it seems to me that the longer you look the more pleasure you get.


Bitter sweet inspiration

August 7, 2008

I’ve coined the term ‘bitter sweet inspiration’ based on a not in any possible way familiar scenario in my current position:

You come back to work after a day off, the account team has cancelled the flash animated landing page you talked about two days ago, and sold the client a page with a massive logo and all their products crammed in to it. You go to the kitchen only to discover that someone has left just enough for a quarter of a cup in the coffee pot and there is no way of getting out of making a new one. When you open your email there is a ‘URGENT’ gif amends job request which has to be done ‘ASAP’, you think “I’ve heard that before” and then the guy nest to you show you this:

Then you feel it, the bitter sweet inspiration, the feeling that after work today I am going to start all those amazing projects I thought about on the tube, or finished that never ending project.

Oh by the way, he also has a blog:

Yours, loving Alberto Cerriteno(‘s work)