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Yet another East London Art gallery…

August 19, 2008

Shoreditch, Hoxton, Brick lane… all areas that have more than their fair share of art galleries. You cant turn a corner in East London these days without seeing another newly opened gallery.

And with ‘street’ and ‘urban’ art hogging the majority of press attention in the art world these days, its easy to see why the traditional home of Graffiti in London is inundated with people all too eager to get in on the act and strike whilst the iron is hot.

brick lane gallery

brick lane gallery

The Brick Lane gallery differs somewhat in its approach to this scene, putting on shows/exhibits on a submissions basis – meaning the lesser known names on the scene at least have a fighting chance of having their work seen. It also gives aspiring artists the chance to exhibit alongside well known names such as Grafter, Sten, Dan Kitchener and Hush to name but a few.

And I should know… I was encouraged by a friend to submit to the first ‘Free for Wall‘ exhibit in June. And they not only accepted my piece… they sold it also. So you can safely say they know their market.

The gallery has just finished its 3rd rendition of the ‘Free for Wall’ concept – as well as running other shows concurrently – and is continuing to grab attention due to the honesty of their approach and their obvious interest and love of street art.

Long may it continue…

Stencil “Art”

June 15, 2008

The stencil graffiti artists of today seem to be more homogeneous than ever. Am I the only one that has had it up to the neck with their anti Consumerism messages?
I understand that the likes of Banksy and Adbusters has been a huge influence on the graffiti scene and to some extent in a good way. Before Banksy the graffiti scene was less politically aware. How ever today it seems there is little individual thinking going on and every little self proclaimed graffiti artist with his Volcom hoodie, Vans shoes, Independent skateboard and baggy Animal jeans are out there spraying anti consumerist stenciled slogans
Shepard Fairey created his famous Obey stencil while teaching a friend how to make stencils. He asked his friend to make a stencil from a news paper image of the French wrestler Andre the Giant. His friend refused because as a skater the wrestler was to ‘lame’. Annoyed with how narrow minded his friend was Shepard Fairey made Andre The Giant in to one of the most recognized symbols of stencil art.

In my mind art is supposed to be about breaking barriers and creating something the world has never seen before. I wish that the graffiti culture could brake out of its narrow minded homogeneous mold. Dare to be different!

(original picture by marverde)