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Unhappy Hipsters

February 7, 2010

This blog is great! It basically uses images of modern architecture or furniture that have people in them and makes a witty remark like: “At this point, the womb chair was played out — so he created his very own womb room. He just knew Eero would have loved it.”

I also find the existence of this blog humorous with regards to its readership. I dont know this for sure but I supposedly hip people like myself posting tweets and blog-posts (just like this one) proclaiming how great “Unhappy Hipsters” is. I guess the joke is on us, but who cares when its so good?

At the end of the day its nice to laugh at oneself, I always try not to take myself to seriously, but must admit that i often fail to do so.
Stuff like Unhappy Hipsters help.



May 13, 2009



August 21, 2008

I don’t really konw what I mean by ‘Kapow!’ But I always wanted to write kapow! in a heading. I have to say when I came across this site which lets you view an archive of creative fonts and also download them I got pretty excited, and a little ‘kapow!’ went of in my head. The site has a fun simple design aswell and I love that each font is represented by a design of itslef rather than just a list of font-names. It’s a great page for inspiration aswell as a resource.

The font download site is actually a section of the NEO2 blog, which has a lot to offer creatively. It’s a spanish blog supporting the NEO2 magazine. I suggest you check that one out too. Here.