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Experiment Eight

May 27, 2010

58 works of art created by 36 artists from around the globe make up this exceptional showcase. – the unnoficial Mozilla Art Platform

December 17, 2008 is dedicated to the development of experimental browser software. Artistic add-ons get rejected on common extension hosts (“useless art”). We collect and exhibit creative works, share code and tutorials (, and publish news from the scene. The Team is happy to see that more and more artists use add-ons as their media for artistic expression. *still under construction*


Oh god, it’s so good!


November 14, 2008

Since 1994 photographer Ari Versluis and profiler Ellie Uyttenbroek have been documenting the uniform-like dress codes of different social factions, originally in Rotterdam but now across the world.

I can’t help but wonder who I should be affiliating myself with…

Art from another universe

September 12, 2008

I think everyone who works in a creative environment, over time, becomes somewhat jaded… its only natural. Familarity breeds contempt as they say and so much of what we see creatively is based on an idea or a concept that is already familiar to us.

It takes a lot to shake us out of our malaise and be truly inspired by (or even jealous of) someones particular talent. Thats what seeing the art of Alberto Seveso has done for me and some of my colleagues.

Like something from another world or universe even, Seveso blends photoshop and illustrator elements seamlessy into a strange mix of other-wordly, stylistically challenging imagery which begs closer inspection due to the intricacy and depth achieved in each piece.

And even on closer inspection, I find it almost impossible to see where photographic elements blend into illustrator elements but I find the pieces utterly fascinating… as I’m sure most people do. You can only imagine the amount of man hours required to achieve this level of work but for me, however long they take is time well spent… as is the length of time you take pouring over them – it seems to me that the longer you look the more pleasure you get.



August 21, 2008

I don’t really konw what I mean by ‘Kapow!’ But I always wanted to write kapow! in a heading. I have to say when I came across this site which lets you view an archive of creative fonts and also download them I got pretty excited, and a little ‘kapow!’ went of in my head. The site has a fun simple design aswell and I love that each font is represented by a design of itslef rather than just a list of font-names. It’s a great page for inspiration aswell as a resource.

The font download site is actually a section of the NEO2 blog, which has a lot to offer creatively. It’s a spanish blog supporting the NEO2 magazine. I suggest you check that one out too. Here.



Call (of) the Wild

August 19, 2008

Check this!

You can call this wind powered megaphone on +4790369389 and your call will be beamed across the Norwegian mountains and fjords, scaring the shit out of any nearby mountaineers or just anoying the farmers in the vally below. This is great for those moments when you feel powerless, instead of sucumbing to apathy, start the day like a real man, shout across the mountains, dictator style!

Telemegaphones are tall loudspeaker sculptures that automatically answers incoming phone calls and projects the sound of the caller’s voice into its immediate surroundings.”

Yet another East London Art gallery…

August 19, 2008

Shoreditch, Hoxton, Brick lane… all areas that have more than their fair share of art galleries. You cant turn a corner in East London these days without seeing another newly opened gallery.

And with ‘street’ and ‘urban’ art hogging the majority of press attention in the art world these days, its easy to see why the traditional home of Graffiti in London is inundated with people all too eager to get in on the act and strike whilst the iron is hot.

brick lane gallery

brick lane gallery

The Brick Lane gallery differs somewhat in its approach to this scene, putting on shows/exhibits on a submissions basis – meaning the lesser known names on the scene at least have a fighting chance of having their work seen. It also gives aspiring artists the chance to exhibit alongside well known names such as Grafter, Sten, Dan Kitchener and Hush to name but a few.

And I should know… I was encouraged by a friend to submit to the first ‘Free for Wall‘ exhibit in June. And they not only accepted my piece… they sold it also. So you can safely say they know their market.

The gallery has just finished its 3rd rendition of the ‘Free for Wall’ concept – as well as running other shows concurrently – and is continuing to grab attention due to the honesty of their approach and their obvious interest and love of street art.

Long may it continue…

Creativity from Germany

July 16, 2008

A colleague of mine in my new office here in germany showed me this site. I was looking at some illustration sites and he said “oh I have a friend that does some cool illustrations…” and he introduced me to Klonek. I really like his illustrations. Quite retro, and a contrast to all the superdetailed-high-tech-pointy-industrial-collage illsutrations you see so much these days. It might not be to everyones taste but I think he has something. Check out his weird webpage here.

Oh, also on the subject of illustration. I want to share a link to some illustrators Ricardo showed me a while a go, I know it hasn’t been on the blog so it deserves an entry. Check out mulheresbarbadas.

Your German correspondent Magnus

Stencil genius

July 15, 2008

Ok, so this guy has been doing this stuff for years, right? So he should be good at what he does? Maybe, but no matter how long some of us will stick at something we will never be up to this standard.

Out on his own in the stencil art world, in terms of technique, C215 has produced some of the finest street art the world has seen… and he’s done it from here to Timbuktu (ok not quite but close enough!!!).

For me his pieces were some of the highlights of the recent Can Festival in Leake Street, Waterloo and worth the price of admission (if there had been one) alone.

Check out his flickr gallery to get a glimpse of the intricate stencils that this guy creates and marvel at his skill and artistry. You can also find out more about the man himself on his profile page

Are you an aspiring artist?

June 26, 2008

Beck’s the beer brand is having a competition for artists and designers.

The competition is to do a piece of design/art on the theme of ‘Collectively Individual’ Which simply put is when a designer creates a piece of work with a musician. The musicians in this case are Does It Dffend You, Yeah? which is a pretty hawt London electro-pop quartet despise their emo name.

The winning piece will be showed at the Beck’s Fusions gig headlined by Visual art collective United Visual Artists (UVA) and Massive Attack on Sat 6 September in Manchester.

This could be a good one for you students out there looking for a claim to fame to land you that dream job somewhere exotic.

This is another campaign by Outside Line which are everywhere at the moment 🙂 Good job guys!


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