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Shanghai World Expo, on the interwebs

May 4, 2010

The world EXPO, an international competition for attention through architecture, lighting, films and stories in what used to be docklands and shipyards. Shanghai spent more than $48 billion in preparing  the grounds for the EXPO that is more than what it cost to clean up Beijing. Now 1.7 million volunteers are working at the site guiding, securing and feeding the massive crowds.
For the first time there is now an online expo at with an incredibly annoying waterdrop character guiding you around. Each country is encouraged to make their own 3D walkthrough of their own pavilion.

We ( have now worked for months on the Expo project where one of our many tasks has been to create the digital replica of the Norwegian Pavilion. Naturally we were eager to see what other countries had come up with, here is a collection of ome of the sites I found interesting:

Obviously, I would like to show you the site we made.


On iPhone:


UK Pavilion

My favourite (of the remaining ones) is the UK Pavilion, a well made, stylish interactive walkthrough.
Also i really like the UK pavilion i whish the walktrhough offered even more pictures/close-ups of the inside of it.



Japan Industrial Paviljon

Was OK.

Japanese Pavillion

After an hour of looking for good ones this loading screen enthused me, but the site, I am afraid did not quite deliver the goods

Israeli Pavillion

Seems to represent what these sites tend to look like.

Danish Pavillion

Shout out to our friends in Demark for a lovely logo and graphic profile, to bad this site uses PC only technology so I couldn’t look at it in all its glory, maybe you can?



Xtranormal. Make your own 3D movies.

June 10, 2009

If you haven’t seen this yet. It’s bad, its funny, its easy to use.


Own Your C

January 15, 2009


Nice anti smoking campaign. Not quite sure how it is meant to get people stop smoking. I think it is made in Parevision.

What kind of name is Own Your C anyway??


I ♥ Sketch

January 15, 2009

A fantastic tool (maybe more for product designers) that offers a great set of features to visualize all your 3d thinking!

Thanks to a developing team of the University of Toronto’s Dynamic Graphics Project

Lumina Live

December 17, 2008

I am not sure how i missed out on this site, it is pretty hawt!

“The animations and effects are killing. But still, i don’t get the message or how this is actually selling…” Somebody commented on and I have to agree. Check it out!, Click on the image, its the link!


Sony Raises the Curtain on New 3D System for Digital Cinema

October 6, 2008
Press Release    Source: Sony Electronics

Single-projector 3D adaptor for Sony 4K Projector Expands Potential Business Opportunities for Exhibitors. Sony Electronics is demonstrating its latest digital cinema technology innovation: a single-projector 3D adaptor designed to work specifically with its 4K projectors in movie theaters.

The new adaptor uses the full height of Sony’s 4K imaging device, with the ability to display full 2K images for the left and right eye simultaneously and in parallel, from top and bottom.

The new lens units, models LKRL-A002 (X1.1 -1.9) and LKRL-A003 (X1.9 – 3.3), consists of an optical and mechanical assembly for each left and right eye image. It is designed to meet DCI specifications for 3D digital projection, while overcoming the bandwidth and resolution limitations of currently available 3D systems.


Fabricio Torres

June 19, 2008

Amazing model of Hulk by Fabricio Torres and other amazing projects.

Have fun!! 😉

Interview with Character Designer Aaron Sims about the production process and creation of The Hulk and Abomination

June 17, 2008

Amazing Screenshots of early stages of Hulk and the Abomination.

Have fun!! 😉

Hats of for Ecoda!dobutsuen and McCann Erickson

June 9, 2008

McCann Erickson Japan have made a site to promote an eco friendly way of life. I haven’t seen so smooth 3D in flash before.
Visit the Ecoda!dobutsuen ‘The Eco Zoo’ here