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360 filming

August 26, 2009


Very cool. You can view the film and drag the image around 360 degrees.




And there’s more about Project Natal!

June 11, 2009

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Xtranormal. Make your own 3D movies.

June 10, 2009

If you haven’t seen this yet. It’s bad, its funny, its easy to use.


Macbook + touchscreen?

March 10, 2009


Rumor says that Apple’s next gadget is going to be this cute touchscreen netbook…

100 kilo website

January 18, 2009

We had a couple of days to spare in the office after new years so we decided to do something a bit different during those days. I have wanted to literally build a website for a while so this seemed like the perfect occasion to have a bit of fun and get down with some DIY. So we got a little money at our disposal, made some sketches and started going about getting hold of all the needed material. We bought a lot of plywood some 40 meters of wooden beams, a birds house for the home icon, a folder for the portfolio icon, spray cans, paint, wallpaper and a lots of other stuff, the video tells the rest of the story.

The music in the video is made by tsjekkoslovakia a band by some of my colleagues.

The footage was shot by the one and only, Karina Lavik

The company is M&L.

Check the live site:


Here are some pictures from the construction:




I ♥ Sketch

January 15, 2009

A fantastic tool (maybe more for product designers) that offers a great set of features to visualize all your 3d thinking!

Thanks to a developing team of the University of Toronto’s Dynamic Graphics Project

“I won’t support IE 6 in 2009”

January 5, 2009

Dine twittered this quote few days ago, and I couldn’t agree more. Why are we still supporting IE6?

This article from Ajaxian shows that IE6 still have a high percentage of internet users: 20%.

I know the best way to get rid of this 20% is to stop supporting IE6, forcing the final user to upgrade. But how to do it when your (internal and external) clients are unable to upgrade it by themselves? Grrrr!

Save a developer in 2009: stop using IE6!

Minority Report UI comes to life

November 18, 2008

Minority Report UI


g-speak overview 1828121108 from john underkoffler on Vimeo.

Etch-A-Sketch Clock

November 17, 2008


Can’t embed the video but look at it here

You got to love IKEA!

November 11, 2008


This is amazing! All the movement is controlled by the track you play, you can play the tracks that are already there or upload your own music. I uploaded ‘Acceptable in the eighties’ made my day!

The campaign is by Forsman & Bodenfors and production company Koko Kaka


Yours, having fun in sunny Norway

Thriller as a 64-Voice Acapella

October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This is brilliant…

Internet censorship.

October 31, 2008

Ever fancied pretending you were online from within a Communist state?

China Channel Firefox Add-on allows you to see (or rather not see) were you in China.

As the site says:-

“The Golden Shield Project (sometimes referred to as the the Great Fire Wall of China), censors content primarily by blocking IP addresses. The Internet police in China is estimated to contain over 30,000 workers, and is responsible for blocking content such as Tibetan independence, Taiwan independence, police brutality, the Tienanmen Square protests of 1989, freedom of speech, democracy, religion, and some international news.”

For more about Internet censorship, visit:

Digital Lubricant?

October 28, 2008

Gawd bless and their marketspeak terms of classification – Generation C, Perkonomics etc. Now, we have Digital Lifetsyle Lubricants – those products and details which connect our on and offline lives…

The latest product under that classification is Tikitag – a product which allows users through stickers, short-range, high-frequency RFID and a USB reader to tag real items with digital information. In order to make the connection, users can touch a compatible device such as a mobile to an item tagged with a corresponding sticker e.g. museum visitors can wave an enabled mobile phone at a painting to call up the painter’s Wikipedia profile or a cleaning company could use tikitag to record that a room has been successfully cleaned by touching a phone to a tikitag-linked sticker that has been placed in the room.

Which is all good except, isn’t this just QR coding by any other name? Plus you would need to buy software, the stickers and the reader to “load” the stickers… It all seems a little bit arduous – plus it relies on users having enabled devices to get the benefits. Very clumsy.

Compare that to the new JVC Everio camcorder, which quote:

“…enables one-button uploads to YouTube. The button also limits recordings to 10 minutes, which matches YouTube’s file-size limit and eliminates the need to manually time recordings or edit and shorten footage before uploading… ”

A great bit of in-built usability that brings Faris Yakob’s presentation on entertainment and communication in 2010 that little bit closer and makes the on/offline connection so much smoother.

But, in the same way that most UGC campaigns seldom produce amazing content I’m not sure that this will give us more than countless videos of cats and crappy acoustic covers.

Mini Electric

October 21, 2008

In Brazil, hybrid cars are not that cool. They are just standard cars. Yes, Brazil’s “default” car option is the “total flex” (or flexible fuel): you can fill your tank with petrol, sugar cane alcohol (ethanol), or a combination of both. There are a variety of Total Flex cars from which to choose, ranging from the Vauxhall Corsa (Opel) to Mitsubishi’s Pajero TR4.

Natural gas is also a popular option – with R$15,30 (approx.  £4.20) you can fill a small tank and run up to 100km with your car. Brazil’s electricity is comparatively clean (84% is hydroelectric), which means (in my opinion) that Brazil can be considered a world leader in the fight against global warming! Oh yeah!

But I’m not here to talk about Brazil. I’m here to talk about the new Electric Mini I just saw on Wired:

Electric Mini

BMW will produce approximately 500 of these very-very-very-very-very cute electric Mini Coopers – for select private and corporate customers only…….. (that’s so unfair!) It’s the first electric car I see that don’t look like a toy:

Electric Mini

Do you want to read more? Check the original article from Wired.

To all the Apple geeks out there…. they’re here!

October 15, 2008

World’s biggest screen

October 8, 2008

The UAE development company Tameer Holding is going to build the largest LED screen in the world, projected by Daktronics – the world’s leading digital billboard manufacturer.
Project’s name is Podium.

The screen will cover the facade of a 33 floor high building in Dubailand (Dubai’s entertainement zone), and will be visible from a distance of 1.5 kilometers.

The design of the screen will allow the flow of natural light into the building. How cool is that?

Sony Raises the Curtain on New 3D System for Digital Cinema

October 6, 2008
Press Release    Source: Sony Electronics

Single-projector 3D adaptor for Sony 4K Projector Expands Potential Business Opportunities for Exhibitors. Sony Electronics is demonstrating its latest digital cinema technology innovation: a single-projector 3D adaptor designed to work specifically with its 4K projectors in movie theaters.

The new adaptor uses the full height of Sony’s 4K imaging device, with the ability to display full 2K images for the left and right eye simultaneously and in parallel, from top and bottom.

The new lens units, models LKRL-A002 (X1.1 -1.9) and LKRL-A003 (X1.9 – 3.3), consists of an optical and mechanical assembly for each left and right eye image. It is designed to meet DCI specifications for 3D digital projection, while overcoming the bandwidth and resolution limitations of currently available 3D systems.


Bumptop – pushing the computer desktop concept forward!

October 3, 2008

A brilliant interactive alternative to the pc desktop we are used to.

More CS4 saliva

September 30, 2008

Just a quick one. Here is a link to an introduction to new features in Flash CS4, given to me by our friend jack. If you have a few minutes to spare, you should check this out. It got me very excited.

New CS4 Awesomeness!



September 29, 2008

From McCANN ERICKSON Japan the nicest popup book site I’ve ever seen… If there were any popup book sites!
Beautiful concept and marvelous execution. That’s how 3d should be used online.