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December 9, 2009

Be entertained while you wait your microwaved food!
Amusing project from japanese uni students using youtube to display entertainment matching the time you set to warm up your food. Have a peek!

The History of the Internet (in a nutshell)

November 18, 2009

The History of the Internet in a Nutshell

360 filming

August 26, 2009


Very cool. You can view the film and drag the image around 360 degrees.




Mechanical Wave Sculptures

April 8, 2009

Absolutely beautiful!

Macbook + touchscreen?

March 10, 2009


Rumor says that Apple’s next gadget is going to be this cute touchscreen netbook…

I ♥ Sketch

January 15, 2009

A fantastic tool (maybe more for product designers) that offers a great set of features to visualize all your 3d thinking!

Thanks to a developing team of the University of Toronto’s Dynamic Graphics Project

the Mouse is 40 years old

December 12, 2008


the Mouse is 40 years old

the Mouse is 40 years old

Happy birthday!

Fantastic Contraption

September 8, 2008

Fantastic-contraption is an online game where the object is to move a piece from A to B using a few simple tools and the laws of physics. The game looks quite bad, but it has a very addictive and impressive/cool physics engine. The game built with flash 9 and therefore should handle tougher calculations more smoothly. If you sign up you can also share your inventions, and view other peoples contraptions.

A bit of fun and distraction on a monday.


found through


Call (of) the Wild

August 19, 2008

Check this!

You can call this wind powered megaphone on +4790369389 and your call will be beamed across the Norwegian mountains and fjords, scaring the shit out of any nearby mountaineers or just anoying the farmers in the vally below. This is great for those moments when you feel powerless, instead of sucumbing to apathy, start the day like a real man, shout across the mountains, dictator style!

Telemegaphones are tall loudspeaker sculptures that automatically answers incoming phone calls and projects the sound of the caller’s voice into its immediate surroundings.”