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Know your memes. A Study of internet virals.

November 15, 2009

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I came across this site; Know Your Memes. It is really good, and a must see for people wanting to understand the cause and origins of online virals. I had a good time this sunday going through all these mini dokumentaries (about 4 mins a piece), giving me the back story on virals such as; the keyboard cat, starwars kid, rickrolls, lolcats, numa numa etc. They also coverd some virals that I hadn’t caught on before, which was very interesting. But what I found truly interesting was when they explained how the market and the media tried to get in on the virals and make a profit, and how this affected the different virals. For example the Christan Bale Rant. This viral was heavily pushed by the media and thus peaking very quickly but then again fading away equally fast. This shows that in this example, for a viral to be long lasting it has to come from a more underground independent source.

A must see, for all online marketing people.


Fresh Balls

November 14, 2009


A real product. With a proper website. I think this guy found a corner in the market. 🙂

Check out his introvid on the site.



Detlef the Project Manager

October 21, 2009


A current fun side project I’m doing in my coffe breaks at work. I brought Detlef to work one day and one thing led to another. So now I present to you. The life of Detlef The Projekt Manager. Its a work in progress and more pictures to come.


Inspired by a project I did with Andreas originally, here.

Which is easier to understand?

October 16, 2009

Trapped in infinite politeness

May 20, 2009


Why Ukraine was the best

May 18, 2009

Is anyone else disappointed that Ukraine didn’t get enough attention in this years Eurovision? I just can’t believe how this song didn’t win. This performance had everything you have come to expect from a Eurovision entry over the years. Here is a list of why Ukraine was the best act this year:

Ridiculous lyrics– Be my Valentine… You are sexy bum,
anti crisis bum… I’m your Anti crisis girl…

Singing in English

Unnecessary props

Basically an Erotica Performance

Roman Legions Dancers!!!


The singer at one point actually sat down to play the drums

Sh*tloads of fireworks

What did Norway have? A fiddle and a fairytale.

Keyboard Cat!

May 18, 2009

The Keyboard Cat is the latest internet meme. Here is a definition of  “meme” from urban dictionary:
“A unit of cultural information that represents a basic idea that can be transferred from one individual to another, and subjected to mutation, crossover and adaptation.”
Kinda like a viral video that people keep making parodies and remakes of. =D”

And here is what they say about the awesomeness that is the Keyboard Cat:
“An awesome cat with the ability to play the keyboard. Often put at the end of a video of someone failing at something and getting hurt; with the title “play him/her off, keyboard cat”

Keyboard Cat doesn’t care, he will play off anybody making a fool of them selves, even Forest Gump.
For more Keyboard Cat goodness head over to Play him of keyboard cat or Keyboardcat.

Can I see your business card? pt. 2

May 18, 2009

Further to Magnus’ post earlier this month, here are two business cards that probably DO NOT BELONG IN THE ROLLODEX.

Can I see your businesscard?

May 12, 2009


Career evolution in advertising

April 8, 2009


By @workforfood


March 9, 2009


“I nod, you nod, everybody nod for icePod!”
This is no joke. This ice cream is being released in Norway as I write. Norwegian ice cream manufacturer Henning Olsen registered the name in 2007 and say that they are not worried about any similarities to Apple iPods. On CEO Paal Henning Olsen claims that the ice cream could look like “any other model” while he in the same sentence agrees “we have been inspired by and followed their (apple) products”.

It seems to me the Mr. Olsen is not at all worried about Apple, but has he totally forgotten about Dallas based and totally unforgettable company icepod?. IcePod sell jewelry casings for your Apple phone or mp3 player, so you can look real cool in the club or when your just chillin with Paris in London. In this instance “ice” is not used in the literal meaning but as slang for diamonds or expensive jewelry.(I have written an email to the guys at icePod Dallas Texas, informing them about the ice cream IcePod and I cant wait for the reply).

icepod_jewlery2Soon I expect too see crystallized methamphetamine in the shape of popular mp3 players hit the streets. Also, my friends in american gangster prison tells me that the room containing the electric chair has been known as the “icepod” for a long time now. And I think I’ve just come up with a new nick name for the “Inter City Express” high speed train bethween Berlin and Cologne.


When I am bored…

March 3, 2009

…I read these.

Now you know.

Some are a great some a bit silly but its all good.

The strip is made by two guys who call themselves Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler. According to their webpage they have computers and don’t like to travel.

Writing blog posts even if I dont have to.

wierd and wonderful site

January 5, 2009

Sometimes you just dont need to know what a site is about or what its selling…


This is a toally immersive experience with great interaction, great illustration work and a totally nonsensical user journey. Somewhat confusing to begin with but great great fun.

That said, if anyone can tell me what the f**k its all about… answers on a postcard please?


2009 already sucks!

January 5, 2009

Deep down, you know it’s true. The economy. The war. Your job (if you still have it). Your relationships. And…. Ah, just forget it. This button sums it all up.

This one is for you, Cheeky.

Italian Spiderman

October 30, 2008

Awesome Retroness, and bad in such a good way.

Big M

Jobs VS Gates

August 18, 2008

If you haven’t heard of supernews I suggest you check it out here. Some funny animated satire from the TVstation/website current_



I send this one out to my man Mr. Melv

August 8, 2008

I have a friend called Andreas. And he loves Tapirs. So when I came across this blog about tapirs, I almost laughed out loud in the office. This one is for you Andreas.

Your german correspondent wishing you a good weekend.

TchĂĽss Magnus