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Beautiful Photographers Portfolio, By Mixmaster

February 25, 2009


A very nice and simple site for photographer Dag Knudsen. Made by technical gurus MixMaster and design by my buddy,  mentor and Bruce Willis lookalike  from Uni Karl Johan Palm. I am looking forward to working together with the MixMaster Guys over the next couple of weeks, and dip in to their vast knowledge on Adobe Air, Flex, AS3, Papervision and other exciting technologies!

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Tag Galaxy

January 7, 2009

A nice flickr-tag-based papervision site (thanks Uncle J!) by Steven Wood.

Final Art

December 19, 2008


A quite interesting navigation system from Final Art.They are a new media agency based in Poznan, Poland, my cousin lives there. I think I quite like the arrow key navigation. How ever when companies have these kind of flash sites I always find it easier to google them to find out who they are, especially when their contact page says “if you want to contact us click the green cross”.


Yours on a happy Friday!

Hats of for Ecoda!dobutsuen and McCann Erickson

June 9, 2008

McCann Erickson Japan have made a site to promote an eco friendly way of life. I haven’t seen so smooth 3D in flash before.
Visit the Ecoda!dobutsuen ‘The Eco Zoo’ here