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Trapped in infinite politeness

May 20, 2009


GTI Project

May 12, 2009

A nice piece for Volkswagen UK, by Tribal DDB London.

The GTI Project

Hombre Esquelético

April 28, 2009

Nice piece from Dutch agency Cartelle Interactive Studio.

Hombre Esquelético

Digital Gurus

April 24, 2009


Recruitment agency Digital Gurus have launched their new site, and what a beautiful site it is! The site is designed by welove72 using a combination of Flash and After Effects. The site features kinetic light writing very in fashion… I like the way the Digital Gurus are true to their name and make a site such as this proving that they really are just that, Digital Gurus.

There is no question in my mind which recruitment agency I would deploy if I where to return to london for some freelance work.
Get connected to Digital gurus on linked in:

From Norway with love.

Flash?!?!… Lame!!… Bring it on JavaScript!!!!

March 20, 2009

This is the coolest thing i have seen in the past month!! You need to explore this 😉

Was speaking with Rod and he says this is the future.. Flash will die, because it needs a player and doesnt let you play this much. Java engine comes with all the Browsers appart from IE.

Have a look and tell me what you think

Have fun!! 😉

pS: Check how smooth it runs 🙂



Beautiful Photographers Portfolio, By Mixmaster

February 25, 2009


A very nice and simple site for photographer Dag Knudsen. Made by technical gurus MixMaster and design by my buddy,  mentor and Bruce Willis lookalike  from Uni Karl Johan Palm. I am looking forward to working together with the MixMaster Guys over the next couple of weeks, and dip in to their vast knowledge on Adobe Air, Flex, AS3, Papervision and other exciting technologies!

Writing blog posts so you dont have to


January 12, 2009


Sweet jebus, I cant remeber the last time I saw flash animation this exiting!

Infected” is a super-slick, eye-candy vector graphics Flash demo from Swedish digital artist Andreas Wannerstedt. Do check him out, this man has some great work (as well as a great name)!

Featuring Ugress “Kommisär Kontemporär” for soundtrack, which is by one of my all time favorite bands called Ugress.




January 12, 2009


Magnivate is an interactive boutique agency based in Jakarta. Check out their website which comes in the form of an interactive world with some cute illustrations, maybe a bit cliche, but very nicely done. It makes me wonder if sites like these are only viewed by people like me and not by potential clients? Would they bother?  Linky


Tag Galaxy

January 7, 2009

A nice flickr-tag-based papervision site (thanks Uncle J!) by Steven Wood.

wierd and wonderful site

January 5, 2009

Sometimes you just dont need to know what a site is about or what its selling…


This is a toally immersive experience with great interaction, great illustration work and a totally nonsensical user journey. Somewhat confusing to begin with but great great fun.

That said, if anyone can tell me what the f**k its all about… answers on a postcard please?


New JWT London website

December 23, 2008

JWT new website

After a while, JWT London finally released their brand new website. It’s super-animated (flash), white, clean and minimalist…

I spend about 10 minutes around the website (actually more than this), interacting, clicking on absolutely everything, doing my personal and picky QA. The first thing I’ve noticed is the nonexistence of an accessible version (or even an accessible message insisting that you should install the flash player). Basically, if you don’t have flash installed, or an active JavaScript, all you can see is a copyrighted white window… hummm…

There is also a customisable feature on the top right corner of the page, where you can choose between eight very-very-very cute “London related” icons:


The thing is: as soon as I change the icon, I can’t change it back. Maybe it’s supposed to behave this way, but I think it’s a bug…

Content wise, the website is perfect. They’ve chosen five of their best campaigns (including the very good “point of view” HSBC campaign that remembers me Heathrow Airport, and the “epic” Smirnoff campaign)  that are more than enough to see and understand the agency capabilities. If you have nothing else to do and want to spend the day watching all the agency’s work, just go to the showreel and… Have fun 😉

Access the website:

The “epic” Smirnoff video:

Final Art

December 19, 2008


A quite interesting navigation system from Final Art.They are a new media agency based in Poznan, Poland, my cousin lives there. I think I quite like the arrow key navigation. How ever when companies have these kind of flash sites I always find it easier to google them to find out who they are, especially when their contact page says “if you want to contact us click the green cross”.


Yours on a happy Friday!

The Perfume Girls

December 18, 2008

Do you have to buy a Christmas present to your girlfriend? Are you stuck on inspiration? I have a solution for you!


The Perfume Girls!

“Perve on other girls while you choose your girl a christmas present. Hilarious.” – Tom Moody, UX Guru.

Yes Tom, I definetely agree with you. It’s too bad! It’s hilarious!


December 18, 2008


Apparently this was on flash on the beach, but I was not allowed to go due to DLKW company policies, so i only discovered it now. It is great, even I managed to create some sounds that did not make me gag my coffee when played back to me (which is usually the case when any sound I made is played back to me). Other than that it can be described as the following:

“Hobnox is an on-line entertainment and publishing platform, a network for curatives and their fans. We unite broadcast-quality web media with cutting edge community-enabling technology. With Hobnox, an international media corporation is born. Created for artist by artists, Hobnox combines the best of current web entertainment with the newest technological possibilities of the Internet to create fascinating opportunities for both artists and audiences.”

(its way more fun than what that phrase makes it sound like).

Linky to the music maker thingy.

Linky to a page where you can read more about it and watch some videos.

Yours, happy he is not a copywriter


e-learning the right way

November 3, 2008

A lot of people have the idea that e-learning is some boring way of being educated by loading a CD in your laptop and flipping through page after page of boring material, and that this was an experiment that died out in the end of the 90’s.  However there are a lot of copmanies that do e-learning for employees etc, and some of these are actually quite good. I have had some first hand experience of working with e-learning  through this last half year, and being one of the people mentioned above I have now changed my mind some what on the subject. There are some really good e-learning platforms out there. The problem is that a lot of the good ones are for companies internal education only, and can not be posted on the web or this blog. However I came across a really neat little e-learning website made for the Qeensland Government – department of justice and attourney general. The e-learning site is aimed at young adults getting out into the real world, and teaches them (sometimes quite naively) about the facts of urban life. It’s nicely presented through this little isometric world. enjoy.


Big M

Weeble and Bob

October 3, 2008

Weeble and Bob is nothing new, it has been around since my university days and was “hot piss” back then. I really like some of the episodes, my favorite is probably the one above although it is hard to choose, because they have done a lot. It is made by Jonti Picking and Chris Vick in Flash and it is interesting so see the subtle changes over the years as Flash has progressed, well at least to me that is kind of interesting.

Weebl and Bob website with a massive catalog of cartoons.

Or maybe this is my favourite:

New Barcinski & Jeanjean Website

September 24, 2008

The new portfolio website for Amsterdam based freelance team Barcinski & Jeanjean is very impressive. Built using Papervision3D, Vectorvision, 3D Physics and Photography.


Their Blog

Fantastic Contraption

September 8, 2008

Fantastic-contraption is an online game where the object is to move a piece from A to B using a few simple tools and the laws of physics. The game looks quite bad, but it has a very addictive and impressive/cool physics engine. The game built with flash 9 and therefore should handle tougher calculations more smoothly. If you sign up you can also share your inventions, and view other peoples contraptions.

A bit of fun and distraction on a monday.


found through


Dont’t click here – to find out more

August 27, 2008 is an experiment in user interface. It plays with the idea of not using your mouse button to navigate, instead ‘the Institute for Interactive Research‘ explore other ways of browsing through content on a web page. Some fun ideas here, but it can be hard to shake the habit of using the mousebutton to select what you want.

Click here

Yours truly


Smart Car, Genius Website

July 22, 2008

Agency Republic has made the best car website in the history of car websites. The Smart Car website is truly a smart site, is it simple, informative, beautiful and so good it is viral. It achieves all this through an interactive, narrated, flash video experience. The narration and the scenes also makes it an incredibly British site, I have never felt so much like I am in England, while visiting a website before (if you keep the site open without interacting with it the narrator will ask for tea). Genius

Yours in awe of Agency Republic