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You Are What You Eat

May 14, 2009

A great photo set exploring the nature of consumption.

Carpenter/Photographer, San Antonio, TX - 3-Person Household

Carpenter/Photographer, San Antonio, TX - 3-Person Household

Love how sometimes banal details reveal more than the grandest statements.

“If we really are what we eat—then refrigerators are like windows into our souls. It’s that sentiment that’s at the heart of Mark Menjivar’s inventive exploration of hunger, “You Are What You Eat,” for which he photographed the contents of strangers’ refrigerators.”

From Good Magazine


March 9, 2009


“I nod, you nod, everybody nod for icePod!”
This is no joke. This ice cream is being released in Norway as I write. Norwegian ice cream manufacturer Henning Olsen registered the name in 2007 and say that they are not worried about any similarities to Apple iPods. On CEO Paal Henning Olsen claims that the ice cream could look like “any other model” while he in the same sentence agrees “we have been inspired by and followed their (apple) products”.

It seems to me the Mr. Olsen is not at all worried about Apple, but has he totally forgotten about Dallas based and totally unforgettable company icepod?. IcePod sell jewelry casings for your Apple phone or mp3 player, so you can look real cool in the club or when your just chillin with Paris in London. In this instance “ice” is not used in the literal meaning but as slang for diamonds or expensive jewelry.(I have written an email to the guys at icePod Dallas Texas, informing them about the ice cream IcePod and I cant wait for the reply).

icepod_jewlery2Soon I expect too see crystallized methamphetamine in the shape of popular mp3 players hit the streets. Also, my friends in american gangster prison tells me that the room containing the electric chair has been known as the “icepod” for a long time now. And I think I’ve just come up with a new nick name for the “Inter City Express” high speed train bethween Berlin and Cologne.


War represented by food

August 8, 2008

I came across this video by tourist pictures. It’s the american wars since WW2 represented by food in a stop motion animation. Pretty funny, and well made. Pay attention and see if you can guess the countries represented by a piece of culinary.

Here is food fight website with an explenation of the food/countries.

linky to their website where you can find other movie projects.

Until next time, auf wiedersehen


Football Your Way

June 6, 2008

Football Your Way is a site I designed here at DLKW. The site lets football supporters rant about different issues concerning the ‘beautiful’ game and get voucher for discount burgers at Burger King.
Would you design a site promoting fast food using sports?