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Experiment Eight

May 27, 2010

58 works of art created by 36 artists from around the globe make up this exceptional showcase.

Digital Mash

May 23, 2009

Beautiful portfolio from Australian graphic designer Rob Morris.


Frito Lay Dips and Chips and Biri Beni Kurtarsin!

February 23, 2009



Long time i havent posted 🙂 so here it goes.

Have fun!! 😉

wierd and wonderful site

January 5, 2009

Sometimes you just dont need to know what a site is about or what its selling…


This is a toally immersive experience with great interaction, great illustration work and a totally nonsensical user journey. Somewhat confusing to begin with but great great fun.

That said, if anyone can tell me what the f**k its all about… answers on a postcard please?



September 24, 2008

Umlaut is the name of the dots over certain letters in the german written language for example Ü Ö Ä. Since moving to germany I have found that umlauts can be pretty cool when it comes to typography, as it allows for some fun experimentation.I have also seen umlauts been used in london. For example there is a pub in covent garden called bünker. And they use the umlauts as much as they can in menues etc. even though they are completely wrong, they just think it looks cool.

Typographically there can be a problem with umlauts. Especially if you have a tight leading. The “problem” with umlauts especially shows itself when you use it on capital letters as it goes over the max hight of the letter. as seen here: ÄÜÖ – AUO. I believe it’s not so much a problem as it is an opportunity to make something interresting with those “excess” dots. I have seen some cool versions of this around in germany, like putting the umlauts under the letters and inside etc.

I made a little visual experiment. I’ve taken the liberty of altering my name Magnus to Mägnüs, for the sake of this experiment.

Yours truly


Latest Craze

September 23, 2008

This is not a brand new site, but I keep seeing theese illustrations all over the web, in IMs, blogs, forums, twitter, everywhere. It is the latest craze, it is Faceyourmanga. It is a nice little web ap that lets you make a “mangaish” illustration of yourself. Remeber the well its pretty much the same, just not simpson style illustrations. Theese things are fun, but have the life expectancy of a toddler in the shark pool.

Yours, waiting for the weekend.


August 21, 2008

I don’t really konw what I mean by ‘Kapow!’ But I always wanted to write kapow! in a heading. I have to say when I came across this site which lets you view an archive of creative fonts and also download them I got pretty excited, and a little ‘kapow!’ went of in my head. The site has a fun simple design aswell and I love that each font is represented by a design of itslef rather than just a list of font-names. It’s a great page for inspiration aswell as a resource.

The font download site is actually a section of the NEO2 blog, which has a lot to offer creatively. It’s a spanish blog supporting the NEO2 magazine. I suggest you check that one out too. Here.



Helvetica Is Wank!

August 12, 2008

I was looking at the wonderful work of Kerry Roper, who does stuff on canvas (art) combining photography, illustration and type. He also does work for the fashion industry and has made some t-shirts for top shop, which I am quite tempted to go and buy. How ever I came across this (above) and then realized that not everyone (like me) likes Helvetica. I had always thought that Helvetica was quite agreeable, but it turns out that the fact that everyone from Orange to the dodgy whole sale retailer across the street use this font makes it, to some people, ‘wank’.

I then discovered that Neville Brody, one of my heroes, said in a BBC interview : “When people choose Helvetica they want to fit in and look normal. They use Helvetica because they want to be a member of the efficiency club. They want to be a member of modernism. They want to be a member of no personality. It also says bland, unadventurous, unambitious.” And I can understand that, I do a lot of work for the finance industry, and I use it all the time. Helvetica is safe, it might be a bit unadventurous, but it is also a nice clean typeface.

Yours, purposefully leaving Gill Sans out of this

“Speak Russian in minutes!”

August 11, 2008

Ricardo Salamanca does some pretty cool illustration as pictured above reading “Speak Russian in minutes”. He also creates amazing moods in photoshop, you will see what i mean if you go to his Salamagica site. On some of the photoshop compositions he also shows you what assets he has been working with and you can clearly see that it is a long way from the assets to the finished comp.

I also enjoy the detail in the background of this composition, as you can see on his site this room is pretty empty before he puts it in photoshop.

Yours, happy on a Monday morning


Save the Children Ads

August 7, 2008

Two 30 sec ads directed by Knife Party for Nexus Productions. They are for Save the Children by W+K. I dont know if they are new but they are very cool. The style and animation is amazing.

Have fun!! 😉

The New FORD KA website

August 4, 2008

Cool website for Ford KA. I like that it is because its an unusual website for a car. The concept is that you transform yourself into an insect and that way you can explore the whole car. Made by JWT Brasil.

Have fun!! 😉

Creativity from Germany

July 16, 2008

A colleague of mine in my new office here in germany showed me this site. I was looking at some illustration sites and he said “oh I have a friend that does some cool illustrations…” and he introduced me to Klonek. I really like his illustrations. Quite retro, and a contrast to all the superdetailed-high-tech-pointy-industrial-collage illsutrations you see so much these days. It might not be to everyones taste but I think he has something. Check out his weird webpage here.

Oh, also on the subject of illustration. I want to share a link to some illustrators Ricardo showed me a while a go, I know it hasn’t been on the blog so it deserves an entry. Check out mulheresbarbadas.

Your German correspondent Magnus


July 3, 2008

An old favourite I had forgotten about but came across recently. This is why it’s good to have MTV, for the occasions of something like this coming along. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen often.

Viel spaß

The Chineese Design Revolution

July 3, 2008

I have grown accustomed to hear that soon all design will be much more influenced by Chinese design. I must admit that i don’t really know what contemporary Chinese design represent and that until now none of my sources of inspiration for contemporary design have been Chinese.

Liu Zheng or 96k is a freelance graphic designer in Beijing, a former Chinese athlete according to him self. His work is impeccable, but to me it seems to inspired by western design trends. So with this bit of flimsy argumentation I conclude that the ‘Chinese Design Revolution’ is not happening (yet). Please tell me why I’m wrong.

Please have a look at his impressive portfolio at

Yours, in ignorant bliss

Anthony Furlong

June 26, 2008

Amazing work for Promax/BDA Design Awards 2008 by Anthony Furlong.


Have fun!! 😉

Emil Kozak

June 16, 2008

Amazing work from Barcelona.

Have fun!!


Natzke VS Davis

June 10, 2008

Joshua Davis is currently launching his new web page using WordPress. At his site you can buy his prints of computer generated artwork. I cant help to notice that little has changed in the world of Josh’s artwork since his work for BMW over three years ago. His artwork still consists of lazily drawn little bits of illustration that are composed using action script. According to himself he came up with this because he was to lazy to actually draw the entire composition. Maybe he is to lazy to come up with something new?

When it comes to computer generated artwork I am most impressed by the work of Eric Natzke. His scripts produce art work that reference the effect of paint on canvas and I also prefer his colour pallet.

Here are some really cool open source scripts

Mediumphobic Portfolio

June 5, 2008

Some interesting Work from Nicholas Di Genova.

Have fun 😉