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February 28, 2011

Israeli shoe designer Kobi Levi does this amazing work. Check out his folio at

I want them all!

Experiment Eight

May 27, 2010

58 works of art created by 36 artists from around the globe make up this exceptional showcase.

Logorama – the world of logos

April 12, 2010



December 9, 2009

Be entertained while you wait your microwaved food!
Amusing project from japanese uni students using youtube to display entertainment matching the time you set to warm up your food. Have a peek!

Just Divorced

November 17, 2009

The duckt tape on the camper van reads “Just Divorced”.

Detlef the Project Manager

October 21, 2009


A current fun side project I’m doing in my coffe breaks at work. I brought Detlef to work one day and one thing led to another. So now I present to you. The life of Detlef The Projekt Manager. Its a work in progress and more pictures to come.


Inspired by a project I did with Andreas originally, here.

July 14, 2009

A portfolio of a friend of a friend…


Street Art at the Royal Albert Hall

June 16, 2009

An artist puts the finishing touches to a piece of Graffiti art on the ‘Icon Wall’ at the Royal Albert Hall on June 15, 2009 in London, England. The exhibition documents the history of the world famous venue with artwork specially commisioned by the Royal Albert Hall painted on the walls of the loading bay at the venue. Many of the artists who have played their over the 138 year history are depicted, including Jimmy Hendrix, Pavarotti, The Beatles and the Killers. The free exhibition opens for one day only on the 22 June.

Finbarr Notte(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images Europe)

So, this ‘artist’ is Finbarr Notte, one of LADG’s contributors. You can see more of his work on Flickr, and in case you’re curious about his formal work, you can check out his old portfolio, but be careful: Google says this site can harm your computer (!!!):



June 10, 2009

Another… brilliant… yeah, you know…

Another brilliant Uniqlo project

June 10, 2009

After the clock, map and of course, their beautiful data visualisation work the’ve now got a calendar.

Working on the simple mechanic of showing tilt shift video of Japanese scenerey which, on interaction, is replaced with tiles showing items of clothing match the colour of the space replaced (crap explananation – visual below).

As always, you can always go through to buy. Another exmaple of Uniqlo’s ability of subverting navigation and usability for an eccomerce site that replicates the real world feeling of rummaging through rails of clothes and having an item catch your eye. And it’s on brand. Simple with a twist.

Xtranormal. Make your own 3D movies.

June 10, 2009

If you haven’t seen this yet. It’s bad, its funny, its easy to use.


Digital Mash

May 23, 2009

Beautiful portfolio from Australian graphic designer Rob Morris.



May 19, 2009

Why not being nice to other creatives all around the world sharing your artwork?

Society6 is a lovely tool that, other than providing loads of inspiration, is also a nice way of displaying your work!


Can I see your business card? pt. 2

May 18, 2009

Further to Magnus’ post earlier this month, here are two business cards that probably DO NOT BELONG IN THE ROLLODEX.

Looking for inspiration?

May 16, 2009

Compfight + Flickr could help you!

Street Art

May 15, 2009

The 6emeia project by Anderson Augusto and Leonardo Delafuente was created to brighten up the streets of São Paulo, Brazil. Over the years, their painted storm drains have turned into popular tourist attractions.”


You Are What You Eat

May 14, 2009

A great photo set exploring the nature of consumption.

Carpenter/Photographer, San Antonio, TX - 3-Person Household

Carpenter/Photographer, San Antonio, TX - 3-Person Household

Love how sometimes banal details reveal more than the grandest statements.

“If we really are what we eat—then refrigerators are like windows into our souls. It’s that sentiment that’s at the heart of Mark Menjivar’s inventive exploration of hunger, “You Are What You Eat,” for which he photographed the contents of strangers’ refrigerators.”

From Good Magazine

Animal buttons

May 14, 2009



I love these buttons! they are made by lacanica who happen to be friends of Tonje Sandberg who wore one today.

Danny Rocca, I know these are not really called buttons, could you enlighten me with the correct term?


May 13, 2009


19th-century pregnant dolls

May 13, 2009

This is curious.

Pregnant doll

Viem more from Pink Tentacle.