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Simply genious

November 25, 2009

Know your memes. A Study of internet virals.

November 15, 2009

Picture 3

I came across this site; Know Your Memes. It is really good, and a must see for people wanting to understand the cause and origins of online virals. I had a good time this sunday going through all these mini dokumentaries (about 4 mins a piece), giving me the back story on virals such as; the keyboard cat, starwars kid, rickrolls, lolcats, numa numa etc. They also coverd some virals that I hadn’t caught on before, which was very interesting. But what I found truly interesting was when they explained how the market and the media tried to get in on the virals and make a profit, and how this affected the different virals. For example the Christan Bale Rant. This viral was heavily pushed by the media and thus peaking very quickly but then again fading away equally fast. This shows that in this example, for a viral to be long lasting it has to come from a more underground independent source.

A must see, for all online marketing people.


Quique the head

September 29, 2009

This viral, for Diesel, is simply genious:

Find ouy more at

Idar Vollvik jumps over his Koenigsegg CCX

July 8, 2009

Famous Norwegian entrepreneur Idar Vollvik has copied a stunt performed by American basketball player Kobe Bryant jumping over an Aston Martin. Vollvik, founder of telecom company LUDO, jumped over his Koenigsegg CCX after a bet with a friend.

Press release on PitchEngine is pretty nifty:

Some artiles on the subject:

I like Arial and I like Helvetica…

May 21, 2009

…but which is better?

There’s only one way to find out.


In lack of better material, here’s T-Mobiles latest…

May 6, 2009

Although it is funny in parts i would like to quote Canadian singer/songwriter Eilleen Regina Edwards aka Shania Twain:

“Oh-oo-oh, you think you’re special
Oh-oo-oh, you think you’re something else
– That don’t impress me much!

The best augmented reality ever

April 29, 2009

(from @workforfood)

T-Mobile’s next event tomorrow?

April 29, 2009

At Trafalgar Square?

I”m gonna be in Barcelona, but pleaaaase somebody let me know how was it…


April 21, 2009


We’ve got mail from Sweden, more precisely from someone who works for the agency “We Are Social” that works for Swedish based vodka producer ABSOLUT.

They say (amogst other things):

“We’re working with ABSOLUT to get the word out about the idea of ‘Kindness as Currency,’ and we’d really like your take on the concept of ‘giving kindness, not cash.’
At venues around London this week, the idea is being brought to life – often surprising people in the process. At local cinemas, customers traded compliments and high-fives for free snacks and drinks, whilst this morning, others were surprised by a free coffee in exchange for a smile.
If kindness were currency, what would you give? How rich would you be? People are already adding their answers to these questions on the campaign microsite:, and further ‘kindness’ events are being announced on

Here are my answers to the two questions above:

1st Question: I would give cheers and kind gestures such as lying about  somebodys looks when they ask about it.

2nd Question: I would be less rich than Ricardo, who says I remind him of Doctor House.


I asked Nathan fromWe Are Social to answer the same questions as I did. He says (after pointing out that the questions where meant for me):
“I would be giving out smiles and compliments, and also grow flowers to give to people! ”

I do like this campaign, because it might brighten someones day, which that someone might really need, but I am not ready to immerse my self into an advertising  concept.

They also sent me the link to this video:

Nestea awsomeness

April 17, 2009


Nice virla microsite by nestea.  I really liket hese interactive video experiences like Twix’ Get the Girl, they just keep getting better.

The site was made by Odopod.

Visit the Liquid Awesomeness site

Have a great weekend everyone!

The New Frontiersman

February 4, 2009

In a sneaky bid to entice the fans of the upcoming film Watchmen, the  New Frontiersman site was created. Named after a right wing newspaper in the alternate 1986 that Watchmen is set, the site is  being updated almost daily with more content relating to the back stories of the film/graphic novel.


Some if not all of the content has caused debate and discussion across the web, especially the moon landing shots, which were dissected by all the space enthusiasts here.


One of the richest pieces of content so far was a fake seventies news reel of NBS News, celebrating 10 years of Dr Manhattan ….

100 kilo website

January 18, 2009

We had a couple of days to spare in the office after new years so we decided to do something a bit different during those days. I have wanted to literally build a website for a while so this seemed like the perfect occasion to have a bit of fun and get down with some DIY. So we got a little money at our disposal, made some sketches and started going about getting hold of all the needed material. We bought a lot of plywood some 40 meters of wooden beams, a birds house for the home icon, a folder for the portfolio icon, spray cans, paint, wallpaper and a lots of other stuff, the video tells the rest of the story.

The music in the video is made by tsjekkoslovakia a band by some of my colleagues.

The footage was shot by the one and only, Karina Lavik

The company is M&L.

Check the live site:


Here are some pictures from the construction:




Oh Noes! Where The Hell Is Matt? is a fake!

January 5, 2009


3D marketing

December 12, 2008

I have come across some truly inspireing Ideas using some fancy (but simple) 3D software to let you interact with an object using a piece of paper and a camera. I’ll let the videos speak for themself. They are in German, but you don’t have to know German to understand the awesomeness.


We tried that Ford Ka example  in the office. One of the guys downloaded the software to his Nokia. It works so easily, and its totally fun to interact with. Just point the camera at the paper and the car appears.

3D Fun for Everyone


The Animals Save the Planet

November 7, 2008

Cute cute cute videos (for children?) from “The Animals Save the Planet” microsite (supported by the “Animal Planet” tv channel).

The Animals Save the Planet

What will be the future of online advertising?

October 9, 2008

credits to Papercut

Diesel goes XXX for it’s 30th party

September 26, 2008

quite hilarious actually!