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TINY annual report

March 10, 2010

Probably the worlds smallest annual report.

By Melvaer&Lien The Idea Entrepreneur,


February 11, 2010

New website by us at Melvær&Lien Idé-entreprenør!

Please have a look at

A stop motion video I just finished.

June 25, 2009

I just finished this video at work, whishing our clients a happy summer buy making our é logo.


Hombre Esquelético

April 28, 2009

Nice piece from Dutch agency Cartelle Interactive Studio.

Hombre Esquelético

Honda Shines Again!! Vimeo Takeover

April 27, 2009


The Coolest Take over I have seen this year 😀

Play the video and you’ll see what i mean 🙂

Have fun!! 😉

Digital Gurus

April 24, 2009


Recruitment agency Digital Gurus have launched their new site, and what a beautiful site it is! The site is designed by welove72 using a combination of Flash and After Effects. The site features kinetic light writing very in fashion… I like the way the Digital Gurus are true to their name and make a site such as this proving that they really are just that, Digital Gurus.

There is no question in my mind which recruitment agency I would deploy if I where to return to london for some freelance work.
Get connected to Digital gurus on linked in:

From Norway with love.


April 21, 2009


We’ve got mail from Sweden, more precisely from someone who works for the agency “We Are Social” that works for Swedish based vodka producer ABSOLUT.

They say (amogst other things):

“We’re working with ABSOLUT to get the word out about the idea of ‘Kindness as Currency,’ and we’d really like your take on the concept of ‘giving kindness, not cash.’
At venues around London this week, the idea is being brought to life – often surprising people in the process. At local cinemas, customers traded compliments and high-fives for free snacks and drinks, whilst this morning, others were surprised by a free coffee in exchange for a smile.
If kindness were currency, what would you give? How rich would you be? People are already adding their answers to these questions on the campaign microsite:, and further ‘kindness’ events are being announced on

Here are my answers to the two questions above:

1st Question: I would give cheers and kind gestures such as lying about  somebodys looks when they ask about it.

2nd Question: I would be less rich than Ricardo, who says I remind him of Doctor House.


I asked Nathan fromWe Are Social to answer the same questions as I did. He says (after pointing out that the questions where meant for me):
“I would be giving out smiles and compliments, and also grow flowers to give to people! ”

I do like this campaign, because it might brighten someones day, which that someone might really need, but I am not ready to immerse my self into an advertising  concept.

They also sent me the link to this video:

Beautiful Photographers Portfolio, By Mixmaster

February 25, 2009


A very nice and simple site for photographer Dag Knudsen. Made by technical gurus MixMaster and design by my buddy,  mentor and Bruce Willis lookalike  from Uni Karl Johan Palm. I am looking forward to working together with the MixMaster Guys over the next couple of weeks, and dip in to their vast knowledge on Adobe Air, Flex, AS3, Papervision and other exciting technologies!

Writing blog posts so you dont have to

Christmas Cards #2

December 24, 2008

Due to the enormous success of Andreas’ Christmas Cards post, here is a link to 120+ agencies xmas cards from all around the world (bannerblog):

You guys have previous authorization to comment about any of these cards.

My favorite* so far is this one, from JWT Melbourne:

* favorite just because I love the Brazilian soudtrack…

New JWT London website

December 23, 2008

JWT new website

After a while, JWT London finally released their brand new website. It’s super-animated (flash), white, clean and minimalist…

I spend about 10 minutes around the website (actually more than this), interacting, clicking on absolutely everything, doing my personal and picky QA. The first thing I’ve noticed is the nonexistence of an accessible version (or even an accessible message insisting that you should install the flash player). Basically, if you don’t have flash installed, or an active JavaScript, all you can see is a copyrighted white window… hummm…

There is also a customisable feature on the top right corner of the page, where you can choose between eight very-very-very cute “London related” icons:


The thing is: as soon as I change the icon, I can’t change it back. Maybe it’s supposed to behave this way, but I think it’s a bug…

Content wise, the website is perfect. They’ve chosen five of their best campaigns (including the very good “point of view” HSBC campaign that remembers me Heathrow Airport, and the “epic” Smirnoff campaign)  that are more than enough to see and understand the agency capabilities. If you have nothing else to do and want to spend the day watching all the agency’s work, just go to the showreel and… Have fun 😉

Access the website:

The “epic” Smirnoff video:

Final Art

December 19, 2008


A quite interesting navigation system from Final Art.They are a new media agency based in Poznan, Poland, my cousin lives there. I think I quite like the arrow key navigation. How ever when companies have these kind of flash sites I always find it easier to google them to find out who they are, especially when their contact page says “if you want to contact us click the green cross”.


Yours on a happy Friday!

Christmas Cards

December 18, 2008


So the place where I used to work, DLKW, has made a digital Christmas card, what i am about to say I would have said even if i still worked there and i will be as nice as i can.

It is an embarrassment. I can tell what has happened, it has started of with the idea that all the faces make up the logo ass they fall like snowflakes in winter wonderland. OK. That could have been OK. But then someone though, “wait a minute, we are sending this to our clients and the only logo they might see for like e minute is that little one in the corner, OMG we need to have BIG logo there all the time, who really cares about the concept anyway?”. Then the creatives go, well that sucks, but after working in such a mind numbing environment i don’t have the energy to fight the bureaucracy, better just do it and get it out of sight.

Here is how it is done:


Did you see that? no logo for like a couple of minutes, just a nice idea, entertaining content and a build up to a climax. As with so much creative work, the best things are those that dares to be different, many times it doesnt even have to be cool, just dare to be human and not churn out some corporate nosense. Please guys, wake up and feel the pain of your designers.

Oh heres the actual vid:

Yours, feeling the pain of my friends at DLKW.

Print design is easy

November 18, 2008


We all know how easy print design is, which is why we chose the more interesting and challenging digital route. How ever I have to give it up for Made Thought because they produce some pretty swanky print work!

Founded by Ben Parker and Paul Austin eight years ago, these guys have been busy churning out a lot of good work for some impressive clients. They have worked for MTV, Yves Saint Laurent, Nokia, The Mill, Adidas and many other hawt brands. In 2004 they were awarded ‘Graphic Designers of the Year’ by Blueprint Magazine.

Alka Seltzer

October 29, 2008

From : I believe in advertising

Advertising Agency: CLM BBDO, Paris, France
Creative Director: Gilles Fichteberg, Jean-François Sacco
Art Director: Paul Kreitmann
Copywriter: Alexis Benoit
Creative Supervisor: Edouard Perarnaud,Martin Darfeuille
Illustrator: Paul Kreitmann
Art Buyer: Sylvie Etchemaite
3D Design: PH-Print

The simplicity is what I love about these adverts 🙂

Have fun!! 😉

American Express – Play Doh

October 24, 2008

Just impressive the last advert for American Express by National Television. Check out this one for Honda as well.

Have fun!! 😉

Global warning from Ogilvy NY

October 2, 2008

Nice piece of guerrilla ad on global warming from Ogilvy NY.

Diesel goes XXX for it’s 30th party

September 26, 2008

quite hilarious actually!

Ogilvy’s latest for Ford

September 23, 2008

Noah Harris’ latest video for ford with Ogilvy and BlinkInk, Brand republic has a full article here, basically it says that it is targeted at women and aiming to establish itself as a style icon, maybe they should have thought about that when they designed the car as-well? I mean the new Fiat 500 is a potential style icon, the new Ford Fiesta is in my eyes pretty bland, and the micro-site is shocking, nice TV ad non the less.

Mr Grumpy

Privado Seguros by VIEW

September 8, 2008

Newest website by one of Best Portuguese Digital Agency, VIEW.

Have fun!! 😉

BMW Used Cars

August 29, 2008

Ok. It isn’t animation, motion graphic, 3D, flash, or even digital. But this advert created by BBDO Athens for BMW Used Cars is simply genious:

Because you know you’re not the first.