New website by us at Melvær&Lien Idé-entreprenør!

Please have a look at http://www.oseana.no/


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6 Responses to “Oseana”

  1. Audun Skorstad Says:

    I’m sorry, but this was truly horrific. Seems like a web designer (or several) has been given way to much freedom. Why not perform a usability test? The user seems to have been utterly forgotten in this project.

    Firstly the first page load time is at least three times to high. 2ndly upon entering the url a user should be taken directly to the main page, as opposed to the current situation.

    As for the main page itself and it’s menus, I’m not even going to comment. If you don̈́’t se how extremely user unfriendly it is, it would amaze me.

    But I guess as long as it looks good (personally I also hate the look, but that’s individual) it’s ok for some.

  2. Fredrik E. Nilsen Says:

    I agree with everything Audun Skorstad said, and in addition: The site is completely unaccessible for users with disabilities. Navigation is impossible with keyboard, text is not available for screenreaders and assistive technology, zoom is not available etc etc.

    We have laws against this. Read it: http://www.lovdata.no/all/tl-20080620-042-0.html

  3. Melvær Says:

    Some sites are not made in HTML, get over it.

  4. Fredrik E. Nilsen Says:

    Wrong answer. Please try again.

  5. Audun Skorstad Says:

    You know, it is possible to develop a decent website without using HTML and still maintain some principles of good web design. You have overlooked almost all of them.

    Though you may not appreciate the sarcastic tone in my feedback, which I would understand, your answer by does not by any means excuse the fact that the web page is pretty much useless.

    I do feel sorry for the customer, probably blown away by the fanciness and “impressive” features. They will soon enough discover that looks aren’t everything.

  6. Johan Egilsen Says:

    Kom aldri lengre enn hit: http://img.skitch.com/20100211-d4mcqud1t2frt6c59wj52158ji.jpg

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