One of the reasons we use Away 3D over Papervision 3D


Ralph Hauwert annonced his departure from Papervison on Flash on the beach. As we are doing a lot of 3D projects at the moment we where happy with our choice of using Away 3D rather than Papervison. We started using Away 3D in september, to us it has been easier to work with than Papervision, for example we used it to create the augmented reality on (augmented, marker). I just hope they get a new website soon, its hard to recommend someone with a wesite like However i feel obliged to give Papervision credit for their open-source development of a technology that has allowed so many great websites!

Here is a really nice example of the technology by Toyota IQ.


Another example of nice Away3D:



13 Responses to “One of the reasons we use Away 3D over Papervision 3D”

  1. ultramagnus79 Says:

    Looks really good. I loved the banana cafe site. smooth.

  2. Avi Alkalay Says:

    Although it looks very nice and it probably impresses your web-ignorant customers a lot, you should know that sites made 100% with Flash are bad for you customers and for you.

    Search Engines can’t look whats inside, you can’t deep link to some internal content, only to the whole site, and it won’t run on every browser. For example it excludes most mobile users (iPhone, Android, Nokia) from accessing it.

    Sites made 100% with Flash are not ready for “accessibility”, in all dimensions that this word can be interpreted.

  3. Avi Alkalay Says:

    You should be using XML-SVG, HTML5 and JavaScript for such effect. Yes, I know these technologies are harder to learn and develop.

    • CodeKing Says:


      You’re the one who sounds web-ignorant. Do some research first moron…


    • Bryan Grezeszak Says:


      1) Those technologies have never once been successfully used to do projects on this scale, or even 3D on one tenth of the scale away and pv3d do, projects that mediocre flash developers accomplish daily.

      2) Major search engines (google, yahoo, msn) actually index flash text, flash text in other swfs that the main swf loads and textual content from XML and other external text content files that flash loads.

      3) Anyone that does flash understands that SEO content can be put in a div and flash content replaces that div. I actually prefer flash because I can make sites MORE seo friendly because I don’t have to compromise between what the search sees and the user sees, I can keep them separate and optimize both.

      4) I’ve never heard anyone call HTML harder than a scripting, object oriented, event driven language like AS3. Are you sure you’ve ever used flash? You shouldn’t compare two things when you only know one of them.

      5) Many phones do have flash. I’m not looking anything up as I’m typing but off the top of my head I think 2 of the 3 you mentioned actually are flash capable. Not to mention when you use flash correctly (like most people do) there is alternate content for non-flash browsers to see instead.

      6) It’s been argued that more people/devices have javascript incapable browsing than flash incapable. There’s no official numbers on users with no javascript, but it’s estimated as high as 2% while flash incapable browsing is less than 1/10th of a percent. Converting what would be flash into javascript may actually do the opposite of what you say and make content less accessible.

      7) Deeplinking…. you don’t seem to understand the concept. While what you can do in HTML is determined by the browser, functionality for deeplinking is written in the languages that are using it. You can use deeplinking to deeplink any page, part of a page, snippet of text, or anything else you fancy, you’re the one writing the functions for when to call it and what to do when it’s called.

  4. Melvær Says:

    You must have some terrible actionscripters…

    If we take for example a flash site we developed, and have a little look at your argumentation:

    “Search Engines can’t look whats inside”

    Wrong, Google indexes flash sites and can look at the text content inside any swf although we usually compile in flex.

    You can’t deep link to some internal content, only to the whole site, and it won’t run on every browser.

    Again this is wrong. If you built your site properly you an deeplink to any page, get sweet browser integration and even make the site animate backwards when you use the back button in your browser. And it will run in all browsers with a flash player installed some 99%.

    “For example it excludes most mobile users (iPhone, Android, Nokia) from accessing it.”

    Also wrong. Flash player is now out for the iPhone, it is in beta alright but you can always make a html mobile version.

    “Sites made 100% with Flash are not ready for “accessibility”, in all dimensions that this word can be interpreted.”

    Not if you code like a 12 year old its not… but if you learn AS3 and flex properly (yes I know its hard) then the world is your oyster baby.


  5. ultramagnus79 Says:

    Besides, sites like the Banana cafe example does not conform to normal website standards. It’s not made to be accesible in the classical web design sense. You cannot deep link, becuase there are no links. This is fun interactive marketing, something Flash sites do very well. HTML sites has a place on the web aswell. Not everything has to fit in the same box. However what Andreas said, he said very well.

  6. Ozgur Uksal Says:

    I think, both away3D and papervision3D have weakness. For instance, away3D library has built by not following oop conventions. for ex, Object3D class contain both the visual properties and the events. It should have separated the event definitions into another class. There are other issues with away3D but no need to list them all. On the other hand, the current branch of papervision has unused codes and too old documentation. Therefore, the flash community needs better 3d engine I think.

  7. flashmad Says:

    me too. I just started learning it and looks simple to understand than pv3d. wasted money for Essential Papervision Book

  8. thomas thorstensson Says:


    u must work for a bank or something to say such foolish things about Flash and deeplinking or indexing…

    not only are u way wrong you’re completely missing the point that flash is something that both iphone and google developers are very excited about

    or perhaps u work for fourcommunications. sit like some rat in an office where people talk BS

  9. Web-ignorant customers? Says:

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  10. Tahir alvi Says:

    Very nice application

  11. Local Businesses Says:

    Local Businesses…

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