Fake tilt shift photography.


Here are some stills from a stop motion video I am in the process of making.




The effect on these photos are as follows=

A light s shaped curve in the curves option

+40 saturation

Quick masked gradient to mask out the lens blur

and a bit of surface blur to create that plasticy feeling.

Even tho I am certain you clever clogs know all of this already, I learned some of these things from this very simple tutorial.
Obviously this is not how it is really done, tilt shift photography originates from way back when you had those cameras that came with a black cloth which the photographer would wear over his head, all that you can learn more about here.




3 Responses to “Fake tilt shift photography.”

  1. Andreas Kleiberg Says:

    Lovin it!

  2. ultramagnus79 Says:

    Tilt shift lens photography is very in at the moment. Here is another advert i saw using this technique.

    Here is one I did this summer. This was in Skagen in Denemark. It really helps the effect that the houses are so small and cute and model-like.

    This one i saw at vimeo a while ago. Very nice effect.

  3. bjornbjorn Says:

    OMG it’s from Stavanger!! 😛

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