Today I adore this website.



It is not technically impressive, or the most original website I’ve ever seen. I have worked with this overlapping images and depth of feel many times (Magnus remeber those army banners we did a t kerve?). The reson i love it is because its done so well, its super nice! The photography is awesome, the type is really nice its just a damn cool collage by it self as well as there is some nice interactivity. link

“The portfolio of Armin Morbach, one of Germany’s leading hair and make-up stylists”

Happy summer!



6 Responses to “Today I adore this website.”

  1. Melvær Says:

    I am guessing this is where you get your hair and makeup done magnus?

  2. ultramagnus79 Says:

    Don’t forget my bikini line waxing.

  3. Геннадий Says:

    Интересно. А информацию не с ЖЖ случайно взяли? 🙂

  4. XOglan Says:

    Оригинальная идея. Только вот интересно сколько времени на это потрачено? 🙂

  5. Ираклий Says:

    В офисе так нудно было, хорошо что нашел ваш сайт. Читаю с интересом:)

  6. Валерий Дасаев Says:

    Да, было бы смешно, если б не было так грустно …

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