How to automate Spymaster!



TechCrunch called Spymaster “the twitter game that will assassinate your time”.

Well Not anymore, here is how you automate tasks so that you can concentrate on assassinating people and buying sweet hideouts or your actual work.


  • Install the FireFox Add-on TesGen4Web
  • Go to tasks in spymaster.
  • Click the red “Record” button in your TestGen4Web toolbar.
  • Click on the menu item “Tasks”.
  • Click on the desired task, for example “Assassinate Diplomat”.
  • Click on the “Record” button again to stop recording.
  • Use “Insert New Step” in TestGen4Web and choose Sleep.
  • Double click on “sleep” and make it sleep for enough time to create the amount of energy needed to do the chosen task.
  • Hit “Play” and go and do some of that work piling up on your desk 🙂

EXAMPLE (how it should look):


Discovered by @edvard_b
Brought to you by @andmel

Lots of love


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2 Responses to “How to automate Spymaster!”

  1. PUMA Says:

    I wish that people would not resort to doing this, it really affects the enjoyability of the game play for those of us that enjoy “actually” playing the game ! (can’t say honestly that I have not been tempted, yet am choosing the real true ‘analog” experience ), I have a difficult choice to make as far as whether or not to allow these type of players into the PUMA clan,..?

  2. denisol Says:

    I definitely need more free time…

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