Why Ukraine was the best


Is anyone else disappointed that Ukraine didn’t get enough attention in this years Eurovision? I just can’t believe how this song didn’t win. This performance had everything you have come to expect from a Eurovision entry over the years. Here is a list of why Ukraine was the best act this year:

Ridiculous lyrics– Be my Valentine… You are sexy bum,
anti crisis bum… I’m your Anti crisis girl…

Singing in English

Unnecessary props

Basically an Erotica Performance

Roman Legions Dancers!!!


The singer at one point actually sat down to play the drums

Sh*tloads of fireworks

What did Norway have? A fiddle and a fairytale.


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5 Responses to “Why Ukraine was the best”

  1. Andreas Melvær Says:

    Where are you from again magnus?

  2. ultramagnus79 Says:

    Yes yes. I loved that norway won. But I really don’t care too much about who wins. My point is that It’s all taken so seriously. I think that the country with the best show should win. If you really want to find the best music from each country you really shouldn’t look for it at Eurovision.

    It’s supposed to be bad. Not all people see it this way though.

  3. The Godfather Says:

    Is the trashiest thing I’ve seen in looooong time!

  4. denisol Says:

    “Roman Legions Dancers!!!” !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Melvær Says:

    and we were the baddest 😀

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