Off to OFFF


Hey, updating directly from OFFF 2009! Yey! Part of the LADG contributors are here, in sunny Lisbon, watching all these incredible seminars and getting loads of inspiration!

OFFF 2009

Neville Brody presentation about “Freedom” was awesome, and now we are getting some nice information from Karsten Schmidt (Toxi & Postspectacular) – image above.

Hopefully later (I mean, when I’m back to London) I’ll share part of this amazing content with you guys! 😀


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5 Responses to “Off to OFFF”

  1. Melvær Says:

    Have you seen Magnus? I am so jealous!

  2. denisol Says:

    Not yet, but I’ve already seen some friends from Less Rain!!! 😀

  3. bjorn Says:

    bjornbjorn joins the ranks of those jealous 😐

  4. The Godfather Says:

    jealous as well….. hopefully for next year when my baby is going to be old enough to understand… 😉

  5. ultramagnus79 Says:

    I came a bit late. But I was there. Sweet.

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