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Recruitment agency Digital Gurus have launched their new site, and what a beautiful site it is! The site is designed by welove72 using a combination of Flash and After Effects. The site features kinetic light writing very in fashion… I like the way the Digital Gurus are true to their name and make a site such as this proving that they really are just that, Digital Gurus.

There is no question in my mind which recruitment agency I would deploy if I where to return to london for some freelance work.
Get connected to Digital gurus on linked in:

From Norway with love.


3 Responses to “Digital Gurus”

  1. denisol Says:

    Andreas, one more time you are absolutely right: this site is beautiful! 🙂

  2. saif Says:

    Thanks for the props Andreas… we appreciate the positive feedback from everyone… and hopefully this is only the start!

    Keep up the great work on LADG… you have a real nice following now! 😉

    All the best from the DG gang!

  3. Melvær Says:

    Here is how they did it (from twitter)

    “Hand drawn on a tablet in PS, then AE for animation, then back to PS for final still (and simple Flash animation on page). phew!”

    Follow welove72 @

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