We’ve got mail from Sweden, more precisely from someone who works for the agency “We Are Social” that works for Swedish based vodka producer ABSOLUT.

They say (amogst other things):

“We’re working with ABSOLUT to get the word out about the idea of ‘Kindness as Currency,’ and we’d really like your take on the concept of ‘giving kindness, not cash.’
At venues around London this week, the idea is being brought to life – often surprising people in the process. At local cinemas, customers traded compliments and high-fives for free snacks and drinks, whilst this morning, others were surprised by a free coffee in exchange for a smile.
If kindness were currency, what would you give? How rich would you be? People are already adding their answers to these questions on the campaign microsite: www.absolutkindness.co.uk, and further ‘kindness’ events are being announced on http://twitter.com/AbsolutKindness

Here are my answers to the two questions above:

1st Question: I would give cheers and kind gestures such as lying about  somebodys looks when they ask about it.

2nd Question: I would be less rich than Ricardo, who says I remind him of Doctor House.


I asked Nathan fromWe Are Social to answer the same questions as I did. He says (after pointing out that the questions where meant for me):
“I would be giving out smiles and compliments, and also grow flowers to give to people! ”

I do like this campaign, because it might brighten someones day, which that someone might really need, but I am not ready to immerse my self into an advertising  concept.

They also sent me the link to this video:


One Response to “Absolut”

  1. Absolut Kindness Says:

    Thanks for the kind words.

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