Test your colour IQ


How accurate is your eye when it comes to see colour ranges?
Test yourself!

Colour IQ


8 Responses to “Test your colour IQ”

  1. Melvær Says:

    I got 7!, Beat that.. (and i didnt spend ages, I am to impatient to do that.

  2. Igor Says:

    Very good, although I scored 4 he he he…. 😉 Is the force that runs very strong in me….

  3. Melvær Says:

    damn, no way! it told me that 4 was the best score in my demographic! well done!

  4. Ultramagnus79 Says:

    hmf. 8.

  5. Dan Says:

    4! Woopwoop!

  6. Ultramagnus79 Says:

    Yeah yeah wahtever… you could just say you got a one

  7. Melvær Says:

    hahaha, or he could be good at that, who knows? i appreciate your honesty though!

  8. Ultramagnus79 Says:

    Ahh. I got 4 now too. They should really make a timer on this test to make the result more precise/compareable.

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