100 kilo website


We had a couple of days to spare in the office after new years so we decided to do something a bit different during those days. I have wanted to literally build a website for a while so this seemed like the perfect occasion to have a bit of fun and get down with some DIY. So we got a little money at our disposal, made some sketches and started going about getting hold of all the needed material. We bought a lot of plywood some 40 meters of wooden beams, a birds house for the home icon, a folder for the portfolio icon, spray cans, paint, wallpaper and a lots of other stuff, the video tells the rest of the story.

The music in the video is made by tsjekkoslovakia a band by some of my colleagues.

The footage was shot by the one and only, Karina Lavik

The company is M&L.

Check the live site:


Here are some pictures from the construction:





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6 Responses to “100 kilo website”

  1. Igor Says:

    Brilliant concept Andreas! Years ago I was there to paint a webpage 640 cm x 480 cm (that was the resolution at the time… 😉 ) and was one of those ideas that stays in the drawer. Building a physical website it’s even better. Proud of you! Well done man!

  2. Melvær Says:

    How could i forget to put the actual link to the homepage here?? here it is http://www.elektroavdelingen.no

  3. iNEEDaDAMNgoodJOB.com Says:

    HAhAHhAH.. cool stuff dude.. 🙂 Love the idea 🙂 Its cool for a bit of bonding with the collegues as well 🙂
    Well Done 😉

  4. Melvær Says:

    Yo! Can you digg it? pls 🙂 http://digg.com/design/100_Kilo_Website_DIY

  5. Torvald Says:

    Hmmm…..ikke helt likt, er jo gjort mye bedre. http://www.justinmccammon.com/2008/03/vw-building-websites-like-cars.html

  6. Melvær Says:

    Sure, but that’s done in post production, this is for real!

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