Sweet jebus, I cant remeber the last time I saw flash animation this exiting!

Infected” is a super-slick, eye-candy vector graphics Flash demo from Swedish digital artist Andreas Wannerstedt. Do check him out, this man has some great work (as well as a great name)!

Featuring Ugress “Kommisär Kontemporär” for soundtrack, which is by one of my all time favorite bands called Ugress.




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2 Responses to “Flashimation!”

  1. henrynoomkle Says:

    I would have assumed he had used After Effects or another animation program, then made it an FLV, but he says he used Flash so i guess he used Flash… pretty awesome stuff, and great soundtrack.

    Reminds me of the visionary style of Shilo

  2. smith87 Says:

    It amazes me what Flash is capable of. Great stuff!

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