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So the place where I used to work, DLKW, has made a digital Christmas card, what i am about to say I would have said even if i still worked there and i will be as nice as i can.

It is an embarrassment. I can tell what has happened, it has started of with the idea that all the faces make up the logo ass they fall like snowflakes in winter wonderland. OK. That could have been OK. But then someone though, “wait a minute, we are sending this to our clients and the only logo they might see for like e minute is that little one in the corner, OMG we need to have BIG logo there all the time, who really cares about the concept anyway?”. Then the creatives go, well that sucks, but after working in such a mind numbing environment i don’t have the energy to fight the bureaucracy, better just do it and get it out of sight.

Here is how it is done:


Did you see that? no logo for like a couple of minutes, just a nice idea, entertaining content and a build up to a climax. As with so much creative work, the best things are those that dares to be different, many times it doesnt even have to be cool, just dare to be human and not churn out some corporate nosense. Please guys, wake up and feel the pain of your designers.

Oh heres the actual vid:

Yours, feeling the pain of my friends at DLKW.

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5 Responses to “Christmas Cards”

  1. Ultramagnus79 Says:

    Its so sad. It’s a fairly simple idea, a narrative if you will: the people in the company make up the logo, I get it. But it’s like they are telling us the story but giving away the ending first. Amazing how they can mess up such a straight forward concept.

    But I know how these things go. They have to be churned out very quickly, and you haven’t got time to work on them, so everyone sort of just goes with the flow, just to get it finished.

    I give my sympathy for everyone involved.

  2. Ultramagnus79 Says:

    By the way. The code was awesome 😉

  3. Igor Says:

    Ricardo’s face in the snowflake says it all…. 😉

  4. Paul Says:

    Perhaps instead of effectively shooting a fish in a barrel, followed by gratuitous masturbation over a frankly OK idea (does it even work as a tune? No, but who cares?), it might be worthwhile putting forward a few suggestions as to what would make a good digital Christmas greeting? Shouldn’t it at least showcase some sort of appropriate thinking and technology?

    Whilst the AKQA one has certainly got people talking, it’s hardly a great display of the capabilities of the agency. For leaders in the interactive market, it’s exceptionally passive. The Farrow one is a bit better (, but it’s rather one-dimensional.

    Check the CR Blog for others which display a bit of originality and thinking (

  5. Melvær Says:

    All I get on the farrow one is some bad actionscript snow on a black background

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