3D marketing


I have come across some truly inspireing Ideas using some fancy (but simple) 3D software to let you interact with an object using a piece of paper and a camera. I’ll let the videos speak for themself. They are in German, but you don’t have to know German to understand the awesomeness.


We tried that Ford Ka example  in the office. One of the guys downloaded the software to his Nokia. It works so easily, and its totally fun to interact with. Just point the camera at the paper and the car appears.

3D Fun for Everyone



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4 Responses to “3D marketing”

  1. Jones Says:

    Ah this is very interesting

  2. Melvær Says:

    What are those square codes that you can generate called again, those that they use here, you know like barcodes, but they are not… I cant remember.. jeeez

  3. Ultramagnus79 Says:

    I’m not really sure. I bet this technology has been out for a while, but it’s funny to see to car companies using them at the same time. I think the Mini’s version looks better, but the idea of the ka is the best, with the urban aspect, tagging the square codes on walls and letting the public play with it.

  4. jzzy Says:

    Wow – sweet videos. I wonder how much work went into those

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