The art of WTF?!ness


A great find by Chimp Media Monitoring and quite rightly the strangest TV spot I have ever seen (apparently advertising Mac’s – a chain of 7-Eleven style stores in Canada). On watching it I felt a little bit spooked and compelled to hunt down more of the ads to try and make sense of it (and there’s a few – each as mind-boggling) another here.

I love this campaign for its bravery (can you imagine pitching this?) but also for getting the balance right. The potential problem with being esoteric in advertising is that it can be confusing and, even worse, alienating BUT get it right and people find it intriguing and will get people talking (Cadbury Gorilla, anyone?).

Also, as opposed to the self-styled “weirdest clip ever made” from Nokia’s shitty Open At Your Own Risk campaign, the TV ads are being spread and posted on blogs and discussed because it has put itself out there and leaves itself open to interpretation. And, as everyone will tell you, it’s so much better to be caught unawares and surprised than to have your expectations raised and then be let down.


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2 Responses to “The art of WTF?!ness”

  1. Scruffy Says:

    WTF!!! ROFL!!

  2. Melvær Says:

    Thats fucked up, but i love it! I am glad there are companies out there that dare to be different. Often it is the campaigns that dont take themselves to seriously that are the best ones.

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