Barclaycard Waterslide


Few weeks ago we (from LADG) were in a pub, talking to one of these tv production guys. He was explaining how hard his life as a tv producer is, as he had to go all the way to New Zealand to shoot a tv commercial.

I wondered why New Zealand instead of Brazil (much closer to the UK – just a 12 hour flight haha – and cheaper than New Zealand). Brazil has a great potential as a filming location, considering that you can find almost all possible natural landscapes (mountains, rain forest, beach, desert, fields, etc) and urban landscapes in there. But the language is definitely a barrier.

What a nice surprise when I saw yesterday night on tv the new BarclayCard advert, from BBH London, which was totally shoot in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo).

Go Brasil, Go!


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4 Responses to “Barclaycard Waterslide”

  1. Tobogã « Denisol.WordPress Says:

    […] quando vi o novo anúncio do BarclayCard, que foi filmado no Rio de Janeiro (e São Paulo). Escrevi sobre isso no meu outro blog. Para assistir ao vídeo, clique aqui (é muito legal!). Etiquetado […]

  2. Melvær Says:

    That ad makes little sense… but you are probably right about brazil.

  3. Denise Neves Santos Says:

    This ad remembered me of Futurama!! 😉

  4. FREDRIK HALMØY WISLØFF » Blog Archive » Tidenes vannsklie Says:

    […] Laget av BBH London, via London Advertising & Design Group. […]

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