Getting People Online


Unfortunately I haven’t got a picture but at the end of Brixton Hill, just by the Fridge on a brick wall is some grafitti. Four simple words in huge letters but rather than a tag it was the following:-

Google “chemtrails” Youtube “chemtrails”

I thought it was going to be some grime star (turns out it was about some spurious conspiracy theory about contrails from aeroplanes) but the thing that grabbed me was the use of search as a call to action as opposed to a URL.

I only had to remember the keyword to find out what the grafitti guy wanted me to (unless of course he is a grime artist and has chosen a very unfortunate name) but it struck me how in those quick and passive exchanges such as outdoor, or even TV, this would be a more intuitive connect between offline to online.

As with most things “search”, the US have cottoned on to this much sooner (ever noticed how Time Warner signed off every episode of Friends with AOL keywords?) and much more blatantly with the Pontiac/Google ad.

Here in the UK I can only think of Orange who are currently using “Search: I Am” as the CTA on their posters for their new I Am Everyone campaign.


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