e-learning the right way


A lot of people have the idea that e-learning is some boring way of being educated by loading a CD in your laptop and flipping through page after page of boring material, and that this was an experiment that died out in the end of the 90’s.  However there are a lot of copmanies that do e-learning for employees etc, and some of these are actually quite good. I have had some first hand experience of working with e-learning  through this last half year, and being one of the people mentioned above I have now changed my mind some what on the subject. There are some really good e-learning platforms out there. The problem is that a lot of the good ones are for companies internal education only, and can not be posted on the web or this blog. However I came across a really neat little e-learning website made for the Qeensland Government – department of justice and attourney general. The e-learning site is aimed at young adults getting out into the real world, and teaches them (sometimes quite naively) about the facts of urban life. It’s nicely presented through this little isometric world. enjoy.


Big M


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One Response to “e-learning the right way”

  1. Melvær Says:

    Very nice Magnus! Haven seen anything isometric in ages!

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