Digital Lubricant?


Gawd bless and their marketspeak terms of classification – Generation C, Perkonomics etc. Now, we have Digital Lifetsyle Lubricants – those products and details which connect our on and offline lives…

The latest product under that classification is Tikitag – a product which allows users through stickers, short-range, high-frequency RFID and a USB reader to tag real items with digital information. In order to make the connection, users can touch a compatible device such as a mobile to an item tagged with a corresponding sticker e.g. museum visitors can wave an enabled mobile phone at a painting to call up the painter’s Wikipedia profile or a cleaning company could use tikitag to record that a room has been successfully cleaned by touching a phone to a tikitag-linked sticker that has been placed in the room.

Which is all good except, isn’t this just QR coding by any other name? Plus you would need to buy software, the stickers and the reader to “load” the stickers… It all seems a little bit arduous – plus it relies on users having enabled devices to get the benefits. Very clumsy.

Compare that to the new JVC Everio camcorder, which quote:

“…enables one-button uploads to YouTube. The button also limits recordings to 10 minutes, which matches YouTube’s file-size limit and eliminates the need to manually time recordings or edit and shorten footage before uploading… ”

A great bit of in-built usability that brings Faris Yakob’s presentation on entertainment and communication in 2010 that little bit closer and makes the on/offline connection so much smoother.

But, in the same way that most UGC campaigns seldom produce amazing content I’m not sure that this will give us more than countless videos of cats and crappy acoustic covers.


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