What will be the future of online advertising?


credits to Papercut


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7 Responses to “What will be the future of online advertising?”

  1. The Godfather Says:

    Nice idea, but personally I’m a bit bored of having to customize completely irrelevant sites… not worth the effort if you ask me!

  2. Melvær Says:

    I dont think this is the end of digital advertising, although sometimes that sounds like a bloody nice thing toi me. Really nice campaign tho! Is that Madonna singing?

  3. Denise Neves Santos Says:

    The idea is ok, but the soundtrack of this video… jeeeez…

  4. subvee Says:

    Eliminate the competition, that’s one way of advertising…

  5. iNEEDaDAMNgoodJOB.com Says:

    I think its a great idea.. But the concept is now attached to Doritos.. which is advertising on itself 😐 and subconsciently its doritos in all the web-sites 😦

  6. Melvær Says:

    bu hu, cry baby 😉

  7. Rick Says:

    I’m liking it, but as you say, it’s now all Doritos or Dori toss, so the ideas just another form of advertising.

    think the song was by robyn.. might be wrong though

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