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Thanks to Henry Ryder for sending my this link to Atypyk latest concepts. Atypyk is a French design team based in Paris. Some of the ideas are a bit silly like the ‘Limo shopping trolley’. I really like this door mat although  I think i would have used it as a rug if it comes in different sizes. I also recognized the glue on ‘Skin Deep Buttons’ (the buttons you stick straight on your skin) from Fred And Friend, turns out they sell quite a few Atypyk ideas. More ideas below.

The Talk paper clip is a nice idea, but I don’t think it will ever rival the ingenious original (Norwegian) design by Johan Vaaler.

This could be such a nice little toy! I am surprised Bob the Builder has not jumped on this one and produced one that plays the theme tune.

This might be a little noisy for a kid, but if they could sound insulate it or just give the kid some hearing protectors… Never the less I love the idea of making something boring, fun!



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