Art from another universe


I think everyone who works in a creative environment, over time, becomes somewhat jaded… its only natural. Familarity breeds contempt as they say and so much of what we see creatively is based on an idea or a concept that is already familiar to us.

It takes a lot to shake us out of our malaise and be truly inspired by (or even jealous of) someones particular talent. Thats what seeing the art of Alberto Seveso has done for me and some of my colleagues.

Like something from another world or universe even, Seveso blends photoshop and illustrator elements seamlessy into a strange mix of other-wordly, stylistically challenging imagery which begs closer inspection due to the intricacy and depth achieved in each piece.

And even on closer inspection, I find it almost impossible to see where photographic elements blend into illustrator elements but I find the pieces utterly fascinating… as I’m sure most people do. You can only imagine the amount of man hours required to achieve this level of work but for me, however long they take is time well spent… as is the length of time you take pouring over them – it seems to me that the longer you look the more pleasure you get.



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2 Responses to “Art from another universe”

  1. Melvær Says:

    What annoyingly awesome artwork! I love the transparent effect it creates

  2. kingsukh Says:

    Lovely article, especially Alberto Seveso ‘s art is fabulous. Really,you are successful to create a new universe.

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