¨It is official, I have it from sources close to the campaign, that it is “a private view of the Cold War Modern exhibition”, it should be really good and I am looking forward to it 🙂

So someone has started one of the web experience campaigns for a still unknown product, and rather wisely sent email out to loads of bloggers, as you can see it works (http://wemadethis.typepad.com/we_made_this/2008/09/dim3-ak7ion.html). LADG got an email from someone posing as Agent-Curtis from the 7th syndicate (http://www.7thsyndikate.org). Who ever is doing this has taken the time to reference a post on every blog it sends emails to as well as finding the name of who ever posted it. “Andreas,
Despite your inability to crack the code, we still see potential in you. Good to see you noticed the E-Ink. We’ve been using it for years on internal correspondence.
Don’t drop your head or you’ll lose out.
Place the following message in a public communication to your comrades – dim3 ak7ion – this communication is sensitive, but shouldn’t place you in direct danger. We have agents ready to fight the fires that may rise. You could become one of them.
Curtis TH-915”

So i did a who is search, only to find that it seems to be hosted by Tucows and INETu and they have obviously paid up a little money to be anonymous.

But i found some 7thsyndicate links here:



Are they advertising Blog Action day? I think so..

If you know who this shady gang is, let us know 🙂


The LAtest email from mr Curtis reads :

“Dear LaszloML-304
The door we’ve placed in front of you isn’t locked, bolted or barred.
Check the classifieds on Page 40 of London Lite. Buckminster is selling some sort of vessel. You’ll find the way to open the door in his words.
Curtis TH-915”

The Ad he is refering to reads:
the ad in the paper says:
“B1-lancer for sale
call Buckminster
on 0787 8295 007
for further details

B1-Lancer is not a car, it is an American strategic bomber.

More food for thought…

Interesting comment on the Missgeekyblog:

“Okay, so the clue in the London Lite was b1-Lancer which you type into the relevant box on the 7th Syndikate website (assuming you are an agent and have the relevant details).

This will take you to a message regarding photos on one of 6 photo websites. You will have to do a search on these sites using your agent name to find a certain photograph that has been tagged with your agent name and a URL.

When you find it (mine was on flickr – perhaps they all are), click on the URL which will take you to a map of somewhere in London where presumably an event will be taking place next week at 6:45pm, Wed 24th Sep. I’m out of town so won’t get to be there, so if anyone else goes and there are useful freebies to be had, please pick some up for me, ta ;D

So anyway, I noticed on a google search that a 7th Syndikate facebook group had appeared (well 2 actually). When I checked out the 1st one last night there were only 2 other members and 3 I think in the 2nd (proper group). A quick reccie on the members brought up links of BBC and NokiaVine. NokiaVine seems to be launching soon so I’m thinking that’s who 7th Syndikate are. Possibly working with the BBC for a promo.

From your email Mel, it sounds like THEY want us (London based creative bloggers) to promote NokiaVine on FB and our blogs. But not sure where the telephone number will lead… I called it yesterday – just a lot of noise and screaming so I left a message along the same lines!!

What do you reckon? Do you think I’m right about NokiaVine???

Ms Rachel Lalchan, Racheblue
Director bluAngeldesigns
Striving for ethics and sustainability in art, design & lifestyle

Okay.. So could it be promoting the V&A’s upcoming event: http://www.vam.ac.uk/microsites/cold-war-modern/events the colours certainly look familiar.

That contains:

“Digital Drop-in Event
Secrets and Spies Saturday 11 October 11.00–16.30, Digital Studio, Sackler Centre

Take on the role of Cold War secret agent and design and create your own spy themed photo-story based in and around the V&A galleries. This event is suitable for adults and children 8 years+. Free”

Latest email:

“Hi LaszloML-304

The completion of the mission is almost upon us. You will need to be outside the Albert Memorial from 18.15 hours to 18.30 hours on the 24th September. The following attire is mandatory – if not adhered to, access to mission control will not be possible. Agents must wear sunglasses, a hat (preferably a fedora) and carry a newspaper under their left arm. Sharing information with other agents at the location is encouraged.

Be on the lookout for your mark. He will be wearing a tan mac, a bowler hat and dark shoes and is likely to appear on the scene at 18.45 hours. When spotted, agents should tail him but get no closer than 10 – 15 paces. You must be like his shadow – mimic his every move. He will lead you the answers you seek. The answers will provide drinks and nibbles, although these may or may not be dangerous.

Feel free to bring a trusted comrade with you, he could prove useful in the long run.

Our time is almost at hand – be on your guard.

Curtis TH-915″

Okay so they want to meet at the Albert Memorial, fairly close to the V&A i say. I am pretty shure that it is this that they are on about http://www.vam.ac.uk/microsites/cold-war-modern/events. So I got my ‘contact’ at a big news agency to call up the V&A and ask if they knew about the 7th Syndicate and their reply was (more or less) “Oh, I have to look in to it, its a marketing thing, eh, but it has nothing to do with Cold War Modern”. So if they know about it, its pretty much got to be them..


¨It is official, I have it from sources close to the campaign, that it is “a private view of the Cold War Modern exhibition”, it should be really good and I am looking forward to it 🙂

Yours, wishing he was a hacker


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2 Responses to “7thSyndicate”

  1. Melissa Says:

    The events page on the vam.ac.uk microsite also mentions James Bond which has been mentioned on the Facebook group.

    Evening Talks
    Ken Adam and Christopher Frayling – Designing the Cold War

    * Friday 7 November 2008
    19.00–20.00, Lecture Theatre

    Ken Adam is the most distinguished living production designer in the world – his work includes revolutionary designs for the first seven James Bond movies. He discusses his career with Christopher Frayling, writer, critic and Rector of the Royal College of Art. This talk is BSL interpreted.

    * £8, concessions available

  2. Emma Says:

    Do you remember Hell.com?

    It was a FANTASTIC site that broke all the boundaries of html coding in the late 90’s. No one could figure out what it was for either…

    It sounds very similar, strikes the curiosity that was so popular back then, and is fascinating in the complex nature of the beast.

    Keep us posted?

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