Fantastic Contraption


Fantastic-contraption is an online game where the object is to move a piece from A to B using a few simple tools and the laws of physics. The game looks quite bad, but it has a very addictive and impressive/cool physics engine. The game built with flash 9 and therefore should handle tougher calculations more smoothly. If you sign up you can also share your inventions, and view other peoples contraptions.

A bit of fun and distraction on a monday.


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2 Responses to “Fantastic Contraption”

  1. Melvær Says:

    Thats quite good! I like it, it reminds me of builiung lego cars, but the intro is a bit long, and it really doesnt have to look that shit…

  2. ultramagnus79 Says:

    I know. It looks awful. But the ammount of people that has signed up to it and share contraptions through the inbuildt community, proves that sometimes things can look really shit and still get a lot of followers. I just wish it didn’t make my eyes bleed while I was having fun.

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